Even Pandora is excited about tonight

I listened to Pandora for maybe 30 minutes this morning, and heard these things:

"Spirit in the Sky," which was used in 5.02, "Good God Y'all."

"Dust in the Wind," which Dean quoted in "Appointment in Samara."

"Wish You Were Here," which hasn't been used on the show but will always be a Sam & Dean song to me.

A commercial for Jared Jewelers. ;)

Fic: Come lay bones on the alabaster stones (1 of 2)

Come lay bones on the alabaster stones
Genre: Horror, gen
Length: about 11700 words
Rating: R for language and subject matter
Warnings: Torture
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Hallucifer
Spoilers: Through S7
Synopsis: A season 7 AU that takes place after Sam gets his memories of Hell back. At night, Sam dreams of being tortured in Hell. During the day, his dreams start coming true, except they're happening to other people.

Also available on AO3.


Written for the 2016 spnhorrorbang. The awesomely creepy art is by stormbrite - please check out the art master post on LJ or AO3 and show some love!

Thanks to my wonderful and ever-so-helpful beta readers, celtic_forest and firesign10.

The song Lucifer sings is Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby.

Sam's laid flat, pinned to the rack, arms and legs spread wide, iron spikes thrust through his wrists and ankles, and they're unnecessary, Lucifer can hold him motionless with his mind alone, they're simply decorative, the same way Sam is decorative.

Because I'm a very visual creature, Lucifer explains, over the sound of Sam's bones splintering as the spikes are hammered into his flesh, I like beautiful things, and you're so beautiful like this.

Lucifer runs a hand through Sam's hair, familiar caress that makes his blood run cold, picks up a knife and starts the cut on Sam's right wrist, just above the bloody wound gouged by the spike, pretty bracelet of blood curling around his wrist, isn't that nice, Sam, don't you like that.

He makes his way up Sam's arm, along his shoulder, and across his throat, carving a warm line of pain all along the way, down Sam's left arm, slicing a matching circle around that wrist, so beautiful.

Sings as he cuts, go to sleep little baby, go to sleep little baby, your mama's gone away and your daddy's gone to stay, didn't leave nobody but the baby.

Glides the blade further, cutting a trail down Sam's torso, splitting into a Y just above his navel, continues the cut down each leg, ending with circles of blood around both ankles.

Hold still, Lucifer murmurs, I think I can get it all off in one piece this time, shoves his fingers into the cuts, forcing his hand inside, and Sam doesn't want to scream, doesn't want to give Lucifer the pleasure of hearing him scream, but it's ripped from his throat as the skin is ripped from his body, and Sam's shrieks don't quite drown out the horrible wet tearing sound of skin separating from muscle.

As he lies gasping and whimpering, bloody flaps of skin folded on top of bare muscle and bone, he feels the knife again, this time tracing along his forehead, down the side of his face, around his chin and back up again, and Lucifer grasps the edge of the laceration and pulls and peels as Sam screams -

Sam wakes with a shout and sits up, gasping for air.

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Initial reaction 12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On (or, Toni Bevell is bad at her job)

We're back!!! Sorry this is so ridiculously late; life had other plans for me. I haven't read any of your reactions (I did dip a toe into Tumblr looking for gifs, but had to back out quickly because I knew I was going to get spoiled for future episodes), so I'm probably repeating what all of you said as if no one had ever said it before. Which is abnormal, since usually my insightful comments about Sam being unbearably hot are both unique and incisive. I'm assuming some of you loved this and some of you didn't love it at all. But if you've ever read any of my recaps, you can probably guess how I felt about this one. ;-)

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In which there is some whining, and also a pointless poll

I just realized I'm not going to be able to post a recap of 12.01 the day after it airs. Maybe not until Monday. Which is very distressing (to me, probably not to you). I'm not happy about the move to Thursday - it means I only have one day before the weekend to get my thoughts online. (Not that I'm doing it at work or anything... goodness no... I would never.)

Anyway. How about a ridiculous little pre-S12 poll?

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Fic: When it's time for leaving

Repost because it's not showing up in friends feeds for some reason...

When its time for leaving

Length: About 4000 words
Rating: PG for language and mild violence
Warnings: If you can handle the show, you can handle this
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, a tiny bit of John Winchester
Spoilers: Eh. Maybe a teeny one if you haven't watched all of season 2. Surely you've watched all of season 2 by now.

Synopsis: A pre-series fic that takes place right after Sam graduates from high school. It's hot, Sam's being weird, Dean's annoyed, and a little bit of Winchester family history is about to be made.


It's only the end of May, but south Texas is already hot as balls. The Gulf's not close enough to cool them off, but it's close enough to make the air humid and sticky and thick, like walking through warm Jello. Which is why Dean's surprised when Sam announces he's going to sit in the car instead of going into the bar with them. John stiffens, gives Dean the take care of this look, and trudges away from the car, and thanks, Dad. Because Dean can think of nothing he'd rather do than deal with Sam's shit right now, out here in this fucking swamp. He leans in the open window and peers into the back seat. Sam is slumped around a book, every single bit of body language radiating annoyance. And annoying.

"Come on, Sam. It's a billion degrees out here."

"I'm fine."

Read on my LJ or on AO3.