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Fiction Masterlist

Posted in reverse chronological order, which hopefully means the ones at the top of the list are better. :-) Right now it's all Supernatural. Most of this can also be found on AO3 if you prefer to read it there.

You want to illustrate/translate/podfic/remix/write a sequel or prequel to one of these? Nothing would make me happier. All I ask is that you send me a link when you're done.

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Let’s talk about Walker for a minute

Okay, I'm not officially watching Walker, but I'm also not not watching it? Which means I've downloaded some episodes (eps 5-9) and watched most of them? I've skipped a lot of the parts that aren't Walker or his smoking hot brother (ha, Jared Padalecki and a hot brother, where have I heard that song before?) but I've still managed to come up with some thoughts. Spoilers below.

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Fic: You don't know how it feels (to be me)

Genre: Gen
Length: About 3600 words
Rating: PG
Characters: Soulless Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Synopsis: Soulless Sam tries to deal with his brother's feelings about, well, everything. Including his hair. Set in season 6, before "You Can't Handle the Truth."

Not the threatened Wincest, not in time for borgmama1of5's birthday. An idea I had a long time ago, resuscitated by Jared's Walker haircut. The title is from "You Don't Know How It Feels" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

. . .

It's a stupid case.

The manager of the county fairgrounds is a stooped, gnarled old man wearing one of those ball caps veterans wear sometimes. Gold embroidery on the dark blue hat proudly displays the name of his ship or submarine or whatever. Sam doesn't care about his ship or submarine or whatever. He doesn't care about this guy's service at all. Most days, old Blue Hat here got three meals a day and a warm, dry place to sleep in exchange for whatever he gave up. He got a pension when he was done fighting. Sam gets to scrounge for cheap food and sleep in crappy hotels when he's lucky enough to actually land someplace other than the back seat of the Impala. Sam's service to his country earned him a trip to Hell. Sam will get to stop fighting when he's dead. His only pension will be a pyre.

Sam doesn't even get to sleep any more.

(This should bother him. But the truth is, it doesn't.)

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I think the pandemic is finally getting to me

Because I started writing Wincest in the shower this morning.

I’ve never really been into it. At first I avoided it, and then I’d read it if the rest of the story was really good. And that’s where I am now. I don’t seek it out, but I don’t walk away from a good fic just because of Wincest.

And now this plot bunny has burrowed into my brain and it won’t leave. So I guess I write Wincest now.

Don’t worry, it’s not explicit. It’s not about the sex. Because I’m writing it, so obviously it’s about the postcoital angst.

(Why does my phone autocorrect for Wincest and Winchestery but not postcoital?)

(Like I don’t know why...)
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Fic: Take these broken wings and learn to fly (15.20 coda)

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

Genre: Het, I guess? Gencest? Doesn't conflict with Wincest
Length: About 2300 words
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam Winchester and family
Synopsis: Sam's life after 15.20, from his wife's POV

Julia has been widowed (God, what an awful word, widowed) for three years when she meets Sam. It's a work-based friendship at first. She's kind of lonely and sad, he's kind of lonely and sad, and they gravitate toward each other. And then one evening they're at a bar, the last ones left from an after-work happy hour, both of them drinking more than they should, and she thinks he's kind and thoughtful and smart and he may be 10 years older than me but he's still hot as hell and I enjoy being with him and I look forward to seeing him and maybe I should just… and she kisses him. He's shocked; shocked enough to confirm that he wasn't just hanging around hoping to make it out of the friendzone. And then he's holding her face in his hands and he's kissing her too.

It's good. They're good together. It's not the earth-shattering, all-encompassing romance she had with Shaun. Julia knows she'll never have anything like that again. Most people don't even get one soulmate in their lives; no one gets two. And she knows Sam doesn't have that same desperate love that Shaun had for her; she knows she'll never have his whole heart. (She knows the woman he intended to marry was killed in a fire, she knows another woman he loved went back to her ex. She doesn't know which of these women still owns that last piece of Sam's heart.) But she loves Sam, and he loves her, and they get married.

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Initial reaction 15.20: Carry On

Before we get started, friends, I want to tell you two things.

1. When I got home late from work Thursday, The Husband and I had this conversation:

You look beat. Going to bed early tonight?

Do you have any idea what tonight is?


Oh, God. Do you have alcohol?

Yes I do.

2. When I got in the car Friday morning, Pandora immediately started playing “Carry On Wayward Son.”

So, Thursday night, I sat down with a glass of whiskey and waited for the end of the world.

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