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Fiction Masterlist

Posted in reverse chronological order, which hopefully means the ones at the top of the list are better. :-) Right now it's all Supernatural. Most of this can also be found on AO3 if you prefer to read it there.

You want to illustrate/translate/podfic/remix/write a sequel or prequel to one of these? Nothing would make me happier. All I ask is that you send me a link when you're done.

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Fic: A quick little epilogue

Because borgmama1of5 begged for it, and because I didn't mean to leave the ending ambiguous, That gives us hope when the whole day’s done gets a quick little epilogue (you should read that before you read this). And by "quick" I mean "dashed out during my lunch hour," which is probably obvious. No medical research was done, so please be kind and suspend disbelief. Thanks.

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Fic: That gives us hope when the whole day's done

Somehow I managed not to post this on my LJ when I wrote it, so here it is, almost a year later.

That gives us hope when the whole day’s done
Gen, hurt!Sam, hurt!Dean
Length: About 600 words
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Synopsis: Written for the November 2017 Oh Sam Comment Meme for the following two prompts:

1. Dean finds and follows a blood trail left in the snow/sand/forest, and finds a pale and bleeding-out Sam at the end of it.
2. Sam + a car crash = freaking out Dean!

. . .

The first thing Dean thinks when he wakes up is fuck, it's cold. The second thing is everything hurts. And then it hits him, the memory of the truck slamming into this piece of shit car he stole, the stomach-churning feeling of spinning helpless and uncontrolled over the icy road and tipping over into the ditch, and then (and he'll never forgive himself for taking so long to get to that point) he thinks Sam.

"Sam?" His voice is small, and weak, and that's probably why Sam isn't answering. He probably can't hear him. Maybe he's not even in the car - maybe he got himself out and walked back up to the road for help. Maybe he's on the phone right now. That would be the best case scenario, right? And maybe, just this once, Dean's gonna get the best case scenario.

All he has to do is turn his head. It's slow, cause it fucking hurts, but finally he does it and oh, God, he's not getting the best case scenario.

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In honor of Supernatural Day

So apparently it's Supernatural Day again? Is this a thing? Is there some significance to 9/13 that I'm missing? Season 9 episode 13 is "The Purge," which has some good moments (yoga Sam, roofied Dean, more yoga Sam... mmmm... excuse me, I need a moment) but isn't exactly earthshattering. Is it a character's birthday? What's the deal with September 13?

ETA... Duh. It’s the day Supernatural first aired. Thanks to kalliel.

Anyway. In honor of the occasion, my friends at the Hot Topical, who are well aware of what I love, emailed me about their new Supernatural fashion collection. Including this awesome skirt that looks like a plaid shirt tied around your waist.

They styled it with a Led Zeppelin t-shirt! Someone over there is watching the show.

Dear lord, I adore this. I'm not going to buy it. I'm a goddamn grownup, and it's okay for my office to be full of toys, but I'm not wearing a skirt that looks like a shirt tied around your waist. (IT HAS SLEEVES.) But somebody needs to.

In other news, apparently Eric Kripke wrote the screenplay for the new movie The House With a Clock in its Walls. And apparently it's based on his favorite book as a child, and apparently that book influenced the show (I mean Show) he created years later. And apparently this movie is full of Supernatural Easter eggs.

So now I guess I have to watch it. And if this is just a clever way to trick a million people into watching your movie, I’ll be VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Anyway. Stay safe out there!
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In which a wish is granted

At this time last year, I was excited about my new Dean and Baby Funko Pop but mourning the lack of a Sam to accompany him. Imagine my surprise when the Hot Topical emailed me yesterday inviting me to buy Sam and Baby! How did I not know this was a thing? He's been available in the UK for over a week! How did I not know? Why is it not even on the Funko website?

Look at his cute little worried face! Marvel at the texture of his hair! Behold the awful orange jacket!

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In which I attempt to interpret a sign from the universe

The universe has been trying to tell me something. Friday I caught an episode of The X-Files called "Bad Blood," which naturally pinged my SPN radar because it was produced by Kim Manners, it involved vampires, it included Mitch Pileggi, and some of it was set in a cemetery that has to be the one used for Stull Cemetery.

Also, it's a fantastic episode, and Luke Wilson is a hoot, and you should watch it if you get the chance. You don't have to be an X-Files watcher to appreciate it.

Later that day I was scrolling through the TV listings and something else came up - I don't remember if it was a movie, or an episode of a different TV show, but it was also called "Bad Blood." And Saturday morning I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts (My Favorite Murder) and they talked about a book called Bad Blood. And I said okay, universe, I get it. You want me to rewatch the SPN episode "Bad Blood."

Except... That episode doesn't exist. I was sure it did. In my head, "Bad Blood" was the episode where Sam kills Gordon Walker. But no, that one's called "Fresh Blood." So I kept looking. We've got "Dead Man's Blood" and "Bloody Mary" and "First Blood" and "Bloodlust" and various other blood-related titles but no Bad Blood, and (1) why did I think we had one, and (b) how do we not have one? How have they missed such an obvious title?

So now I have to figure out what the universe is trying to tell me. Maybe I have undiagnosed syphilis. Maybe I'm just supposed to listen to Neil Sedaka.

Is this song stuck in your head now? Welcome to my nightmare.

And now, since I'm having poll withdrawal...

Your thoughts on Bad Blood?

It's a fantastic X-Files episode
It's an episode of some other TV show that I'm aware of
It's a movie that I'm aware of
It's a recently released book that I'm aware of
It's an episode of Supernatural, I'm sure it is, you just have to keep looking
It will be an episode of Supernatural in s14 because you're a prophet
It's an old colloquial term for syphilis
It's an awful Neil Sedaka song
It's a great Neil Sedaka song that even has Elton John singing uncredited backup vocals, I mean, come on
It's a Taylor Swift song, and even if you weren't previously aware of it, I KNOW it must have come up when you were searching for the Neil Sedaka song
But I respect your decision to pretend it doesn't exist
Whatever, haters gonna hate
It's taking you for a ride
One or both of those songs are stuck in my head now and I hate you
I'm a little bit concerned about you
Don't know, don't care; we got any grenades?