caranfindel (caranfindel) wrote,

Single sentence fic: Untitled 11.23 coda #2

When Mary finally finds her boy he's stumbling through the woods, weak and confused, and convinced that she's been dead for years, which just confirms her worst fears, and the knowledge that Dean spent weeks (weeks that must have lasted decades for him, christ) in the grip of a djinn who fed on his nightmares breaks her heart right in two, but when she realizes the djinn gave him a future where Sam survived the fire, suddenly she's not sure if it fed on his greatest fears or granted his deepest wish, and when she has to wrap herself around six feet of bewildered teenager and explain that no, they cannot go find Sammy, she thinks maybe she's the one with nightmares bleeding out of her veins.
Tags: 11.23 alpha and omega, drabble, episode coda, fic: dean winchester, fic: mary winchester, my fic, season 11, single sentence fic, supernatural

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Posts from This Journal “single sentence fic” Tag