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Initial reaction 12.17: "The British Invasion"

Yes, this is very late. Real Life has been uncooperative. I don't know if anyone even cares about my opinion any more. But here it is anyway.

THEN: Oh my god, you guys. It's Eileen. They're giving me Eileen! No matter how much crappy this episode throws at me, they're giving me Eileen. (Note: I should think more carefully about that... it's a Buckleming episode.)

NOW: Hogwarts Kendricks Academy for Wee BMoLs. Two young boys - Michael and Timothy - are ushered into a plastic-lined room with a mean scary woman, who my daughter declares "like Umbridge." Who is apparently a Harry Potter character. I haven't watched or read it so I don't know. Throw some Lord of the Rings parallels at me, Show. I'll catch those. Anyway. Umbridge, or Headmistress, points out that the boys are excellent students, one because of natural talent and one because of hard work. I'm sure she's sneering at one of those attributes but I don't know which one. She informs them that one of them will be continuing his studies and one of them will be dead, because they need to prove they will follow orders. Then she leaves them alone in the room with one knife. The dark-haired boy is the one who survives, handing the bloody knife to Miss Hess and telling her that his friend fought hard because he didn't want to die. "Well played, Mr. Davies."

Quickly cut to Mick Davies, waking from a nightmare, having fallen asleep on the BMoL war room table. Okay, I guess I could have deduced that a young, dark-haired, Code-following BMoL was Mick, except that Mick has blue eyes, and nightmare boy had dark brown eyes. Whatever, Show. I want to blame this on the Buckleming, even though I'm sure they have nothing to do with casting. But my heart still blames them, because my heart is an asshole sometimes.

But all is immediately forgiven because Show gives me Sam skyping with Eileen! In the Impala, of all places, because of Sam's magical wifi powers. We get some nice ImpalaCam shots in this scene - I'm so glad they've continued to take advantage of that. Eileen has located Kelly Klein in Idaho because she's awesome and though she talks to both of them, she signs off (no pun intended) with "bye Sam" and he gives her a cute little shy "bye" with a sweet smile and OH GOD THEY ARE ADORABLE I CANNOT STAND IT.


(Also adorable: the way Dean smacks Sam's arm to get him to point the laptop at him so he can talk to Eileen.) Dean notes the sappy grin and says "well, that's cute" and don't try to tell me you aren't shipping it as hard as I am, Dean, because I know you are.

Heading into the bunker, Sam is saying that they seem to be in over their heads and maybe they should call Crowley, because apparently he's on Team Crowley now. Dean says no, but is distracted by Mick Davies sitting in the library, drinking what I presume is prohibitively expensive whiskey. Sam asks "did you break into our house?" and aw, Sam considers it our house now. But Mick points out that it's "our house" as in "Men of Letters," and they all use the same key. Huh. Does that mean the Winchesters could walk into the London chapter house without getting shot, since they have the key? Probably not.

Anyway. Mick is there to collect his second chance, and Dean says "that doesn't mean we wanna hang out," but Mick is actually there because something the home office has worked out. He starts to explain it but Sam interrupts him with "nephilim" and Mick is dismayed to find the Winchesters already knew about it and didn't tell him. Because Mick does not get it. Dean collects the expensive whiskey and the guys start drinking and update Mick on the situation (sidebar: every time I type Mick, my iPad autocorrects it to Mickey, and I'm getting tired of fixing it, so don't be surprised if I give up and start leaving it as Mickey).

I like the way this scene puts the Winchesters together (very close together) on one side of the room against Mick on the opposite side.

Mick is astonished that they didn't kill Kelly when they had the chance, and when Dean explains it wasn't her fault because she didn't know Lucifer was her boyfriend, he sarcastically says "yeah, it could have happened to anyone." Sam says she'd agreed to terminate the pregnancy but then decided she couldn't do it. "Then you should have," Mick exclaims. "You should have shot her between the eyes! Immediately!" And the guys are all, oh, like you and the werewolf, cause that didn't mess you up at all, and poor Mickey is all, yeah, it messes you up, but the Code demands it, and this is some messed-up shit that's about to happen, and Dean is all, yeah, we're on top of it. So let's get drunk.

Cut to Lucifer, communicating with Dagon. She reports that the Lucifetus is doing well, and the container should last as long as necessary. "Don't fail me again," he tells her, and she looks concerned, so I wonder how she failed him in the past and what the punishment was.

Meanwhile, Mick is having another dream; a dream of young Mickey before he got the blue contacts. And the nose job. Timothy thinks they can escape, but young Mick must prove he can execute orders without question, so he picks up the knife and says "I'm sorry." He's awakened by his phone ringing - it's the Headmistress, Dr. Hess (doesn't that sound evil?), who is apparently one of the Old Men, and she wonders why he didn't report last night. Ooooh, Mickey. You might be in as much trouble as Dagon was. He tells her he's making progress on the Winchesters, but she's not as interested in giving him more time that now that they know about the nephilim. She and a Mr. Rawlings smile evilly at each other as she informs Mick that if he can't get Sam and Dean rounded up right quick, they'll be handed over to Mr. Ketch. Which is not a good thing. And then she twirls her moustache and ties a girl to the train tracks because seriously, she's cartoonishly evil. Was Ms. Umbridge this evil?

Let's get Kelly Klein out of the way. She's very, very pregnant and complaining of pain. She wants to see a doctor, but Dagon offers her "a pillow, or... whatever" and assures her (in a not very reassuring way) that she's perfectly fine, and more importantly, the baby is fine. From Dagon's conversation with Lucifer, we know that all they care about is that Kelly survives "long enough." (Quite honestly, that's more than I care, so I can't really snark at them over that.) Dagon says they've been in their current location too long and need to move on, but Kelly won't leave until she knows the baby is safe. Dagon relents and takes Kelly to someone who appears to be an obstetrician, since he does an ultrasound and confirms that the Lucifetus looks just fine, and that's not something doctors do if they're not OBs. Dagon accepts the label of "labor coach," and then shows that she'd be the worse labor coach ever. The baby looks normal at first, but as the doctor continues the ultrasound, he sees something that gives him concern. Horns? A 666 birthmark? We'll never know, because Dagon does a Jedi mind trick and the doctor says "these are not the droids I'm looking for" and declares the baby A-OK. Yay! And Dagon makes another angel joke and the doctor asks about his father. Later, because we're getting all of this nonsense over at once, we see the doctor back in his office, looking at an x-ray of a broken bone, because OBs do that too (note: that was sarcasm, they don't do that at all, nor do walk-in clinic doctors do routine pregnancy exams, but whatever) and someone comes in and asks about his patient files. And then stabs him.

While all this is happening, Dean is snoring at the kitchen table in the bunker, coffee in hand. He must have pulled an all-night research session. Oh, no, he's just hung over. Sam walks in, comments on his crappy appearance, and they discuss Mick's amazing ability to hold his liquor. Sam asks about Mary, just as Mick walks in (slumber party in the bunker! did they braid Sam's hair?), chipper as anything, and says Mary and Ketch are "quite the team." Dean asks if he'd want his mom to work with Ketch, and we get Mick's tragic backstory - he never really knew his parents, and was on the street until he picked a BMoL's pocket and ended up with a cursed coin. "Yeah, sure," Dean says. "That could happen to anyone." OOOOH. Just like Mick said to Dean earlier. I hope nothing else Mick said comes back on him. Anyway. The BMoL signed him up and "gave me a life" and Mick looks sad. He asks for some vodka to add to his tomato juice and Dean collapses adorably onto the table, like he's never had a hair of the dog.

Cutest hangover ever.

Oh, and things are happening in Hell adjacent too, if you care. (Do you? I don't.) Crowley continues to antagonize Lucifer. Lucifer pretends to submit. Crowley temporarily becomes stupid enough to fall for it. Oh, and Lucifer refers to Michael as his little bro (ha ha ha continuity). Can we move on please?

Yes, we can, because Mick is back at the BMoL bunker and he gets a call from Ketch, reporting that he and Mary killed several shapeshifters. Ketch and Mary are, I don't know, putting things away or something, and she asks about their friendship and Ketch (yes, I'm going to call him Ketch, I don't feel like we're on a first-name basis) says they're more survivors than friends, because they went to the awful Kendrick Academy for Wee BMoLs together. I bet Ketch loved Dr. Hess. They drink and he questions her about her desire for a "quiet, normal life" considering that she's living just the opposite, and he calls her "Mrs. Winchester" which honestly has kind of a nice "Mrs. Peel" vibe that I find appealing, and she's still got that one weird little bit of hair that's longer than the rest, and he points out that she's an adrenaline junkie and oh, the flirting is in high gear.

Meanwhile, Mick hears a noise in the bunker and it's Remy (or is it Renny?) Rawlings, Dr. Hess's henchman, who graduated at the top of his class, and is a smarmy little asshole so we hope he gets shot. Mick refers to him as Hess's lapdog and Renny continues to drink his tea in a very smarmy way.

Back at the bunker, Dean is getting Cas's voicemail ("make your voice... a mail" and I'm sure that will be interpreted as "male" and it will be PROOF, GODDAMMIT, MORE INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF THAT DESTIEL IS CANON, Y'ALL) and it's the third time and Cas hasn't called back and Dean's unhappy. (True confession: It wasn't until much later, when I was thinking of a poll question asking where Cas could be, that I remembered he'd gone off with Celsius the Hot Angel to meet The Gardener. Sorry, Cas.)

Dean's not happy, but I am, because Eileen is here! Eileen is in the bunker! Woo! She found that the guy who killed the doctor was a demon, who she tracked from the burned-out remains of Dagon's previous lair because she's awesome. Oh, and we get confirmation that I've been spelling Kelly Kline's name wrong. Ask me how much I care. Go ahead, ask. I'm too distracted by Sam and Eileen making goo goo eyes at each other and clinking beer bottles to care about anyone else.

Some lovely closeups in this scene.

Back to Hell adjacent. Bleh. Crowley is telling his crew that Lucifer is now his bitch, while Lucifer stands in front of him - so he can't see his face - and parrots what Crowley wants him to say, while he smirks and winks and denies it all silently and threatens everlasting agony, and the minions are confused because who is new dad now?

And now Kelly's on the phone with Dagon, demanding zinc and calcium because this is the first time she ever picked up a freaking magazine (or, hello, internet) and Dagon's, yeah, cool, whatever. Then Kelly's phone rings and it's a familiar voice with an unfamiliar accent and OH MY FREAKING GOD IT'S SAM WINCHESTER DOING A BRITISH ACCENT. Or is it Scottish? OH MY GOD IS HE IMPERSONATING ROWENA??? He pretends to be calling from the doctor's office and is very proud of himself when he convinces her to come in at 5 pm and Eileen is proud too, even though she couldn't hear him (is that why he was able to do that accent, because he wasn't worried about her hearing it and making fun of him????) and I'M SORRY, I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Then Mick and Remy (is it Remy or Renny? I really can't tell) show up and Mick pretends its okay that Remy's there and makes a comment about Sam's trust issues even though the only reason Remy is there is because Mick can't be trusted. Sam introduces himself and Eileen, and Remy recognizes her as "banshee girl" because they have a file on her. He snarks about their lack of training and points out again that he graduated at the top of his class and Eileen tells him no one cares because she's awesome and I love her. Sam loves her too, you can tell.

Mick gives Sam the Colt and reminds him it's got to go back to the BMoL afterward and Sam repeats Mick's comment about trust issues and oh, Mick, I hope nothing else you said comes back on you like that.

Such pretty lighting in this scene. Is it because Jared Padalecki is actual sunshine? Discuss.

Dean's not there because Dean's outside the clinic, waiting to nab Kelly in a completely awesome way.

I would not be opposed to this man grabbing me by the arm and saying "come with me." Just putting that out there.

They meet up with the rest of the group after dark. Dean's not thrilled to see that Cas isn't there, or to meet Renny (I'm pretty sure it's Renny now), and he also doesn't care about Renny being top of his class, and Renny's just as cartoonish as Dr. Evil Hess and I'm getting tired of him.

Kelly exits the car and everyone tries to reason with her and she's all, yeah, I know, Lucifer, but I love this child. Mick tells her she won't mean anything to the child and it will kill us all, and the guys try to get him to back off and Renny says this is absurd and goes for his gun. Dean stops him, but then there's wind and that can only mean Dagon is here. Sam pulls the Colt out of his jacket (aw yeah) and lighting flashes and Dagon appears and flings him away before he can shoot. He loses his grip on the Colt but Dean shoots her with his regular gun, which of course accomplishes nothing. Dagon grabs Kelly and leads her away and Eileen picks up the Colt and aims and is she going to do it? Is sassy cinnamon-roll-with-a-razor-blade-hidden-inside Eileen going to kill Dagon? She shoots and we see the bullet in slow motion as it goes straight for Dagon, who disappears just before it would hit her, and slams into Renny instead. Aw, crap. She's horrified, and Sam tells her it was an accident, but Mick pulls his gun and says that since she killed a MoL, she has to die. It's the Code, y'all.

Also, did I mention Sam's wearing that shirt? Because he's wearing That Shirt.

"Screw the code," Dean says, quite reasonably. He pulls his own gun on Mick, which is always hot. Eileen says "please" which sends Mick into a flashback of his best friend saying "please" right before he slaughtered him. Sam moves Dean's gun away and Dean gets this yeah, I guess that's best but I still wanna shoot him look. Sam knows Mick's tied to the Code but he says "you only have to answer to your own code." Mick points his gun away and the Winchesters flee with Eileen.

Told you it was hot.

Cut to... um. Well. That escalated quickly. Mary and Ketch have gone beyond flirting. She's putting herself back together after a romp in the hay. The ring she's been wearing on a chain - it is her wedding ring? - was on the counter, and she's putting it back on. Ketch says "that was unexpected" and he didn't see it coming and it reminds me a lot, an awful lot, of Toni Bevell's conversation in Sam's hallucination. Also he says when they met, he assumed he'd end up shooting her, which is some pretty bad pillow talk. Mary makes sure he knows this doesn't mean anything (and she also calls him Ketch, so they're not even on a first name basis even though she just banged him). He looks hurt but then assures her he's "not built for that" and believes she isn't either. She tells him he's wrong, but that was a long time ago. And now she's just into sex for sex's sake. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is the way Ketch's leg is poking out from the sheets. It's really unappealing for some reason. No, I'm not going to cap it. Use your imagination. Then he comments that she took his advice and chose between hunting and family, and she says no, she didn't choose. It doesn't have to be one or the other. She's going to have it all. He doesn't believe it's possible.

Hell adjacent. Lucifer is shirtless (OF ALL THE PEOPLE TO SEE SHIRTLESS, AND IT'S NOT LOST ON ME THAT WE HAVEN'T SEEN SAM SHIRTLESS IN A LONG LONG TIME) and a demon is examining the vessel. He says it's sound, but it's going to take some time to shut off the security system Crowley had installed. Oh, I bet it will take about 4 or 5 more episodes.

The Winchesters and Eileen return to the bunker. Dean asks if she's okay, and she nods and then shakes her head no, because he wasn't a monster. Sam reminds her it was a mistake (although I'd call it an accident, not a mistake... a mistake is deliberately shooting someone and then finding out he's the wrong guy; an accident is not intending to shoot the guy at all) and she rushes into his arms and he wraps her up in a big hug and dammit.


The next time we see Kelly she's cuffed to the bed, where Dagon assures her that she's not actually okay at all, because those pains are going to continue and get worse until she actually births the Lucifetus, at which point she will die. Because giving birth to a nephilim is fatal. Always.

Well, that's interesting, for two reasons. One, because it gives us an approved rationale to abort Kelly's pregnancy. And B, because the angels who wanted to kill Lily Sunder, just a few episodes ago, believed she had given birth to a nephilim. And yet she was still alive. Is it possible that Dagon simply knows something about nephilim that angels aren't aware of? Even though angels are the ones who can create nephilim? Yes, that's possible. But it's more likely that this is a case of one hand not talking to the other, and by "hand" I mean "writer."

Mick returns to the BMoL bunker to be greeted by Ketch and Dr. Evil Hess. She's been sent by the Old Men to fix things. The hunters are out of control and need to be put down like the disobedient dogs they are. So I guess Ketch isn't a hunter after all, because he doesn't seem offended at this conversation. Eileen will be found and killed, and the Winchesters will be investigated and executed "if found guilty." Mick points out that hunters are always found guilty, which makes one wonder why they'd agree to work with the BMoL, and he gives a nice little speech about how the Winchesters save lives because they know right from wrong, not because of the Code. "The Code is what separates us from the monsters," she says. Teary-eyed Mick says "no, the Code is what makes a young boy kill his best friend." He's not going to follow her or her Code; he chooses to do the right thing. And then Ketch shoots him in the back of the head. Well. Crap. Ketch looks vaguely unhappy about it as well.

At the bunker, Dean notes that Cas is still MIA. Sam tells us Eileen is heading back to Ireland, which seems like a really bad idea. One, it's closer to the BMoL, and B, it's farther from Sam. But we do get a bit of a happy ending, because Sam didn't give the Colt back to the BMoL after all. "Welcome back, sweetheart," Dean says. I think you're going to need her, son.

Once again, Dean pointing a gun is always hot.

Wrapping things up at the BMoL bunker, Mick's head is resting on the table much as it was when we first saw him in this episode. Except for the puddle of blood. Aw, poor Mick. What was that you said earlier about shooting someone immediately? Stupid Code. Dr. Evil Hess declares the grand experiment of recruiting American hunters utterly failed and instructs Ketch to exterminate "every last one." The folder she drops onto the table is Dean's, but I think we all know who Ketch is really thinking about. Because he just banged her. And I don't mean with a gun. Oh, never mind.

So. Could have been worse, considering. I'm disappointed that Mick was killed just as I was growing fond of him, and just as he was becoming a true ally. I'm disappointed that Mary fell for Ketch's questionable charms. I'm worried about Eileen and I'll be really, really unhappy if they kill her off. And I'm awfully bored by the goings-on in Hell adjacent and would like them to come to a conclusion soon. Oh, and there's also Cas and a nephilim. But good things happened. I got Sam in that shirt. I got Samleen. I got ImpalaCam. I got Dean brandishing the Colt. I'll take it.

No spoilers in the comments, please!

Also, I'm crossposting to Dreamwidth, even though someone stubbornly refuses to add the footer stating that. I'm not leaving LJ, but I know some people are, and I want to have a presence on both sites, because it would be a goddamn tragedy if anyone missed the opportunity to read this kind of quality content. I also think it's good to have a backup.

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I love Samleen! but I am very afraid for her and more afraid for the show runners if they kill her.
Other points that show that this writing team doesn't pay attention to continuity. The whole Mary killed Ms. Watts, BMOL, and nobody said bip about having to kill her because she killed a member of the BMOL. Even if you go with the idea that the BMOL didn't know Mary killed her 1) Ms. Watts is very dead 2) Dean, Mary and Cas show up wielding her magic brass knuckles pretty much sealing the deal that one of them killed her. So 3) The BMOL should have terminated the experiment or at least stopped trying to recruit the Winchesters right there and then. But apparently this part of the code got amended between then and now.

Then there's Mick the teen murderer. Back in The Raid, Mary, very reasonably, asked who in the compound had ever killed anything. She wasn't accusatory. She didn't ask if anyone here had murdered their best friend in order to get into a secret organization. She didn't ask if they killed a person, just if they had ever killed anything. She was just assessing the competency of her backup. Mick pretty much made it clear that he had NEVER KILLED ANYONE. We didn't even get a "once, a long time ago as part of my training". No, just twiddles his thumbs and lets Mary and Sam so all the hard lifting.

Oh, sigh. At least they didn't trash and entire season's premise by announcing that there is a door into Purgatory through Hell and all Crowley had to do was roll a not very heavy stone out the way.
Oh, wow. Good points. I can believe Mick denied killing anyone because he's in denial about the whole thing and wouldn't want to admit he'd done it, or was afraid they'd question him about the experience. Although usually when something like that is going on, they'd show him being nervous/uncomfortable so we'd know he was lying. And there's no way to handwave Ms. Watts' death.

Smart characters being dumb to make plot work; continuity errors; cringe-worthy sex scene; death of likeable (or, at least, entertaining) repeating character:

must be the buckleming.
OK, but I don't think we can blame them for Mick's death, can we? I mean, surely the showrunners decide who's going to die, and when.
tbh, I'm beginning to think it's specifically the buckleming's job to write the episodes show suspects will be unpopular with the fans so the buckleming gets the blame instead of the show as a whole.
Well thank you. I always wanted to play a bad girl. A totally OTT, too much eyeshadow villainess. But sadly I can't act
I'm with you, I'll take this. There were quite a few points in the plus box but yet more examples of continuity errors (and not from seasons ago, but episodes ago!!) and yet more lazy writing which seems to be expected with these two now (demons have x-ray vision? And Dagon has mind control? Maybe she does, but did Azazel? I don't think he did, but I might be wrong).

But Eileen and Sam were sunshine, actual sunshine which always comes out whenever Sam smiles, which unfortunately isn't all that often. So yes, Sam/Jared is sunshine. It's fact. :)

I was sad and a little shocked to see poor Mick go, I was sure we'd get him for at least a few more episodes. Ketch did squick me out with the cocked leg in the bed...ewwww. But I guess they're hinting that he's suddenly not going to be able to kill Mary because he loves her or something? I think maybe she going to kill him to protect the boys and prove her motherly love? And it sure sounds like maybe Sam and Dean might be put on some BMoL trial?

Looking forward to more, but I really really just want a MOTW episode, with some lovely brothers doing lovely brother things. Please show? Can we please take a break from the Angel/Hell drama?
Sam is SO SMILEY around Eileen. {happy sigh} It atones for so many sins. And like you said, they weren't required to remember something that happened YEARS ago. They're still in the same season. {sigh} I'm with you on the MOTW episode - we're due!
I only watched a bit of this episode, so this review was doubly entertaining! Samleen! More! So many lines absolutely cracked me up. "who's the new dad now?" BWAAAHAAAA

Please keep doing these. I honestly wait for your reviews with bated breath.
{smooches}. You must watch the whole thing, even if you have to mute it, just to see Sam and Eileen.
Yay review! I like that you focus on the good as well as the nonsense. Like the attractiveness of the boys (if nothing else can be said about s12 they have been gorgeous throughout.)

...I am starting to suspect BuckLemming are actually majorly responsible for this season's arc stories, because they keep writing the most major plot developments for it, and the arcs show all their hallmarks -- too many characters, little emotional resonance just things happening, major story dependent on noncon sex, the boys barely having anything to do.

But at least they didn't kill Eileen! (and actually I saw sending her off to Ireland as a good sign, because Ireland is not the UK and if there is an Irish Men of Letters as well then there is NO WAY they will allow the British MoL onto their territory to kill people. Might be one of the safer places for her to be in the coming whatever.)(if BuckLemming is writing this season then she'll probably die off-screen but I am not thinking about that.)

I am also really cranky with BuckLemming for completely rewriting Mary. Like what was this nonsense about choosing between family and hunting? The boys are happy she's hunting! They want to hunt with her! Dean is all, "Family hunting trip!" and Sam is all pleased with his, "I knew you couldn't stay away," and it's not the hunting that was the problem, it's the working for the BMOL (because she was hoping to END the need for hunting once and for all)...but then Sam & Dean started working for them too so why the heck haven't they been hunting with Mary, if that's what she wants?
I hope you're right about Eileen being safe in Ireland. Even if it's not the UK, it's still closer to the UK, although maybe that's safer if all the BMOL are coming to the US.

And since the am MotW stories are usually more interesting than the story arc ones, I'm happy with buckleming being limited to the story arcs. I mean, I'd be happier if the story arc episodes were good too, but at least we get some really good monster stories.
You're not wrong about getting better MotW stories with Bucklemming banished to the story arcs! The one problem with the lack of a good arc is that there's no good ongoing drama for the boys. As far as I can recall we haven't had a single dramatic conversation between them that's over a minute long (there have been good moments, but they're all short!)...have been rewatching some earlier seasons and I really miss those long conversations, they've always been one of my favorite parts of the show (and a lot of them happen in MotW episodes -- the last one I can remember was back in 11x13, which, the ep was whatever, but Dean's confession about Amara and Sam's understanding acceptance was just amazing.)
Just WHY was that cocked leg so unappealing? I totally had that reaction and now everyone else does too, and I'm really curious.
I don't actually want to go back and look at the scene again, but I think if you did, and you imagined the sheet gone, it would look like he was airing out his parts. It's just unappealing.