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Dammit, Photobucket.

No, I'm not going to pay you big bucks for hosting my photos. I thought that was why I had your ads in my face all the time. Fuck. I guess all my old posts are going to look a little weird now.
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Ditto!! I just posted about this because I found a possible new free hosting site - My main need for Photobucket was for gifs, because I use Flickr for all my other photos. They are a stable platform, owned by Yahoo and they guarantee a TB of storage for free for life. But they don't have a facility for gifs. so...
I'm not sure it's really that good a site anyway, I did upload some gifs but then it stopped me loading more and I haven't been back. I need to sort myself out - it's such a pain in the arse because for gifs I put them on Photobucket then deleted them off my machine, which means to upload them somewhere else I have to download them from PB first.

I'm trying to promote that petition in the hopes that a loud enough backlash from PB's customers will have some impact.