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Summergen recs

I feel bad reccing Summergen fics when I'm pretty sure I haven't even managed to comment on some of the ones on this list. And really, every single fic this year was a good read (and God, I'm not even talking about the art yet!). But here's a list of some that really grabbed me, either because they push my own personal buttons or because I love that writer's style or because they're just objectively good

Brontide by Brightly-lit - Subtle and beautifully creepy. Brightly is like, one of the nicest people in the fandom, and doesn't really participate on LJ now, so it was such a thrill to see this was her work.

Signs of Life by wetsammywinchester - Does the impossible by making "Red Meat" even better.

Abide by withthedemonblood - I cannot describe my feelings about this fic without spoiling the fic, so I'll just strongly suggest that you read it.

2081 and Higher by kalliel - One of my favorite writers ever and now she's an artist and I'm consumed with jealousy and I want to hate her but she makes it impossible, so I'll just have to be obsessed with her instead. So should you.

As Other Birds by crowroad3 - I knew this had to be Crowroad's work as soon as I read it, thanks to her gorgeous, inimitable style. Poetry and Winchesters and witches and magic... bliss!

Rae's Diner by marietwist - Art and fic and daaaaaammmmmnnn.

What Lies Beneath by madebyme_x - Another beautiful fic that hits me right in the heart and why do the people I love keep hurting me so???

Coffeehouse ft.. Alternate Universe by indiachick - Any combination of indiachick's and themegalosaurus's brains has to be amazing, and this is.

Long Before We Fall by finchandsparrow - Someone new to LJ who I'm now stalking because I hope we get more like this!

A Hiatus by themegalosaurus - A lovely curtain fic that needs to have a new chapter every week, because I don't ever want it to stop.

And finally, Message in a Bottle by tifaching - Okay, I've already recced this once, but I had to add it to this list because I love it, and not just because it was written for me. ;-)

Thanks again to the mods for organizing this challenge!
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