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Season 1's most rewatchable episode: and the winner is...

Which episode won?

This was a difficult decision for me. So many good episodes. The Benders has adorable Deputy Kathleen, boys in uniform with hats, and Sam saving himself (!!!). Devil's Trap has Demon!John, "you're not my dad," and Sam running past his father - who he just shot - to check on Dean. :D And I think paperbackwriter described the charms of Skin pretty well when she said:

This is just cruel! They're all good and although I think Devil's Trap is probably my favourite and technically better, in terms of watchability I voted Skins because...
a) Dean gets naked
b) it''s the start of the Dean getting on the law enforcement radar storyline which I love
c) Dean gets naked
d) the show generally has excellent music but the soundtrack for this ep is just epic!
e) Dean gets naked
f) Sam is tied to a fucking pole with Dean all up in his face and OMG how hot is that
f) Dean gets naked
g) shifter!Dean is really really hot
h) I think this feels like the first ep that really used the MotW premise but without that Scooby-Doo "yes we do this every week but we remain the same and nothing affects our lives" thing that the previous eps started to do. For me any way
i) Dean…ah, you get the idea

But in the end, the one I voted on ended up being the winner: Faith.

Faith gives us...

  • Pale, fragile Dean wearing the hoodie

  • "Just watch me" and "I'm not going to let you die, period"

  • "Hey Dad, it's Sam" and fingernail biting

  • Dean buckling under Roy's hand

  • "Don't Fear the Reaper"

  • Julie Benz as Layla

  • Lots of tasty, tasty angst

Thanks to everyone who participated! Are we up for a season 2 vote, or would that be impossible?
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Posts from This Journal “most rewatchable” Tag