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My gift to you: hurt!Sam fic recs

Since I don't have a new episode to review this week, let me fill that hole in your life with one of my very favorite things: hurt!Sam fics.

The ohsam community recently hosted a comment meme, and as usual, it was glorious. You really should go read every single one of them. But in the interest of saving time, I want to rec five of my favorites.

Were It Not That I Have Bad Dreams by intrepidsilt

Also on AO3

Prompt: Cage nightmares, a little bit of h/c from Dean when Sam has nightmares about the Cage. Whatever form that takes, I'm easy!

(A beautiful little bit of Hell trauma, and Chuck knows I love me some Hell trauma.)


Untitled by toratio

Prompt: Sam knows that Jack is a precious cinnamon roll, but sometimes, Jack just makes a certain expression, or the light catches his eyes just right, or something, and Sam can't help but see Lucifer

(More fantastic Hell trauma, with bonus Jack and a good dollop of caring Dean.)


Timberland by crowroad3

Prompt: Wounded Sam being tracked through a forest by Demon Dean.

(Written for my prompt, so you know it's a little fucked up, and written by Crowroad3, so you know it's gorgeous.)


The Hearts of the Fathers by keepcalmsmile

Prompt: Reverse Mystery Spot situation: Dean is the one who has to watch Sam die repeatedly, for whatever reason. Season, cause, etc., all up to author!

(Just some truly amazing hurt!Sam from Dean's POV, with a bonus Sam POV follow-up that's full of the emotional fallout of the events in the first fic. So goddamn good.)


A Soul for a Soul by hollyhobbit42

Prompt: In the cage, Lucifer offered Sam and Adam the same deal Alistair offered Dean: he'll stop torturing them if they torture each other. Sam doesn't take it. Adam does.

(A fascinating prompt and a beautifully painful result.)

Please give yourself the holiday gift of reading these fics, and be sure to check out the others as well!
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