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2017: The year in review

I'm late to this, as I'm late to everything.

If you read LJ on your phone, your year-in-review graphic doesn't have the cheerful holiday goat, even if you're viewing it in a browser and not through the app. Thanks, LJ.

106 posts doesn't seem like very many, especially when you consider that approximately half of them must be episode recap/reviews and polls. I posted a couple of metas and 11 fics in 2017, although one was unfinished and another was actually posted to Tumblr before 2017, so that's really only ten written in 2017. And four of those were short episode codas (in fact, one was a single sentence). I guess my biggest accomplishment, if you can call it that, was that I finally participated in Summergen (which turned out to be a lot of fun and I will hopefully do it again this year). The rest of my posts were mostly nonsensical whining.

The interesting thing about this is, I've seen the stats for people on my flist who have a lot more posts and a lot more interaction from readers. And yet, my ranking of overall LJ users is pretty high (75 as of today). Since that ranking can't be based on my prodigious posting schedule (heh) or my large number of likes and comments (an average of a little over 17 per post, which is mostly from people who have entire conversations in my comments that don't involve me at all, not that I'm complaining because I actually love that y'all do that), so it's got to be based on hits. As in, maybe I get a lot of visitors (I do hit the top 25 posts occasionally) who just aren't commenting. So. Say hi, guys!

Anyway. My favorite things about 2017 were works that were done for me, not by me.

First, the incredibly talented crowroad3 posted all your lovers, a gorgeous little Trials!Sam fic, on my birthday. I said it then and I'll say it again: I'm simply not worthy.

Second, if you're like me, you have a silly fantasy that one day a talented, respected, dare I say beloved artist will read one of your works and say "I want to art that." And it happened to me, when quickreaver created this masterpiece to accompany my OhSam prompt fill. Literally a dream come true, guys.

Finally, tifaching got my spn_summergen prompt and turned it into Message in a Bottle, which is nothing I ever would have come up with, and I guess that's the best part of Summergen, isn't it? Someone taking your wee little seedling and nurturing it into a beautiful flower that you didn't even know existed?

So, that was my LJ year. Real life? Eh. There were upheavals of various kinds, medical dramas both human and canine, setbacks and triumphs. As always, I found myself ending the year pretty much in the same position I was in when it began - broke, exhausted, and frustrated at my inability to find a nice comfortable pair of black over-the-knee boots. Such is life.

How about some resolutions for 2018?

1. Finish those two fics that I've been poking at for a year - you know, the ones where you ignore the huge chunks of plot still to be written, and keep rewriting and refining the non-plot bits that you've already done?
2. Post more recs. Every time I love something, I should share it with you guys.
3. Continue to fight for my right to party.
4. Follow/friend more people. I have a bad habit of thinking I follow someone just because I read a lot of comments from them on my recaps or polls. Luckily, LJ is doing this thing now where they send me "things you missed," and I usually see that email and think "how did I miss this post?" and then realize it's because I haven't friended that person. So I'm gonna fix that.
5. Like more. Comment more. I'm bad at this, because I do almost all of my LJing on my phone, but I just need to get over it.
6. Endeavor to persevere.
7. Whine a little less. (Maybe. That's a hard one.)
8. Find those damn boots.

Let's have a great year!
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