caranfindel (caranfindel) wrote,

On further review... thinky thoughts about 13.11

I mentioned in my poll and/or review that the guys stayed in suits pretty much throughout "Breakdown." Which I liked. A lot. But it made me think about all the times they didn't stay in suits. Like in "Everybody Hates Hitler," when they're at Aaron's house, in suits, and they realize they need to go to the library, and they jump up and leave.

Oh hi there, Hot Professor Sam.

And when we see them immediately after that in the library, they're in civvies. What did they do, change in the car? And why?

And more importantly, why don't we ever get to watch?

And that happens pretty frequently - I think I've called them out on it once or twice. So I'm really glad to see 13.11 was a little more realistic. They had 40 minutes to save Wendy and they stayed in their suits. We've also had actual dry cleaning bags this season. It's like someone's finally paying attention. Which is another reason to like it. (But honestly, it's mostly because Winchesters in suits).

Anyway. I like this. That's all I have to say. (Is this post just an excuse to show Hot Professor Sam? I'll never tell.)
Tags: #supernatural, 13.11 breakdown, 8.13 everybody hates hitler, on further review, pretty, season 13, supernatural
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