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Supernatural poll: Most rewatchable episodes of season 2

Edit ... For no good reason, I ended up with 2 versions of this post, and I'm afraid the poll will be lost if I delete one. Most comments are at the other post, so if you want to discuss, please go there. Sorry! All votes on either post count.

This poll is closed.

What are the most rewatchable episodes of Supernatural season 2?

In My Time of Dying - Dean meets a reaper, John makes a deal, Sam is awesome
Everybody Loves a Clown - But Sam doesn't, and also, John's dead and nobody's taking it very well, and Dean beats the crap out of the Impala, and we meet the Harvelles
Bloodlust - We meet Gordon Walker, vampire hunter, who isn't allowed to call him Sammy
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Friendzoned guy creates zombie girlfriend
Simon Said - We meet psychic kid Andy Gallagher and his evil twin, who can get people to do things just by asking
No Exit - Jo decides to become a hunter, Ellen is not amused
The Usual Suspects- Sam and Dean are interrogated separately, guest star Linda Purl means there's a mandatory pea soup joke
Crossroad Blues - There's a crossroad demon and Dean says what's dead should stay dead, but oh Dean, you are going to change your mind very soon
Croatoan - A virus turns people into zombie-like killers but if you try to hurt Sam, Dean is going to straight up murder your ass, I swear to God, does he make himself clear?
Hunted - Gordon Walker is back and he's after Sam, but that's okay, psychic kid Ava is going to save him


Playthings - Sam is drunk, Dean is bossy and short, and there's a preteen ghost at a B&B
Nightshifter - Hostages at a bank, Ronald Reznick and Victor Henricksen, and one of the greatest musical moments EVER
Houses of the Holy - Is that really an angel telling Sam to kill a bad guy?
Born Under a Bad Sign - Sam is possessed by a demon and becomes unbearably hot
Tall Tales - Pranks and the Trickster
Roadkill - The ghost who doesn't know she's a ghost
Heart - Maddie the werewolf sucks on Sam's lower lip and Dean cries a single perfect tear and I think maybe there's a plot in here too but it doesn't seem important right now
Hollywood Babylon - Dean finds his perfect job as a PA on a movie set and boom, there goes the fourth wall
Folsom Prison Blues - The boys get themselves thrown into prison and damn, they look good in orange
What Is And What Should Never Be - A djinn makes Dean's wish come true, but it's kind of sad, and also kind of hot
All Hell Breaks Loose, pt 1 (the entire episode) - No. No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, God. Oh, God. SAAAAAMMM!!!
All Hell Breaks Loose pt 1, just the last 4 minutes, over and over until my eyes bleed - See above. Nuff said
All Hell Breaks Loose, pt 2 - What am I supposed to do, Sammy? What am I supposed to do?

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