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In praise of season 8

Wednesday I took the day off work to Get Shit Done, which invariably means a little time spent Getting Shit Done and a little time spent Watching Supernatural Reruns on TNT. As one does. (I'm home. It's on. What am I supposed to do, ignore it?)

They were on season 8. As far as I'm concerned, s8 is a good example of both the best and the worst of SPN. The first half of the season is a train wreck, starting with the brothers' tepid reunion. I don't know if I've discussed this here, but the first time I watched 8.01, I assumed Sam left in the middle of the night because he got a phone call from Dean. I'm still not convinced their meeting in the cabin is supposed to be the first time he realizes his brother is alive. And then there's Amelia, who I just don't like (sorry kalliel). Partly because she's a shrew, and partly because she's a symbol of the brothers' fractured relationship. (No, I don't feel the same way about Benny, because Benny sacrificed himself to save Sam. All is forgiven, you adorable blood-sucking Cajun.) And brother vs. brother is just not what I'm here for. (Unless, of course, you're talking about brothers under the influence, like Demon!Dean chasing Sam through the bunker with a hammer, because I am ABSOLUTELY HERE FOR THAT, FUCK YEAH.)

Although, to give her full credit, if it weren't for Amelia we wouldn't have this. So I guess she is forgiven too.

But as soon as we ditch Amelia and Benny, things get significantly better, because we go right into "LARP and the Real Girl," and hello!

Some of my favorite things about this episode...

These kids today, with their texting and murder.

"They were from me, but they weren't from ME me."

"Did you really think that sentence was gonna clear things up?"

Guys in suits and overcoats? Yes please.

Sam's glorious season 8 hair

"His body showed clear signs that he was killed by belladonna."

"The porn star?"


"The poison."


Dean's sly little smile when he realizes he's going to "have to" play dress-up.

Yes, bow to this glorious sight, you cur. You don't deserve to be in the presence of such greatness.

I know a lot of Sam!girls want him to wear a ponytail, but I'm not a fan. The Hair needs to be allowed to roam freely. And yet, he does look adorable here.

And after this episode comes "As Time Goes By," which isn't as good, but it does give us this...

Sleepy grumpy Dean and single-layer mussed-hair Sam, which makes it an outstanding episode.

And then there's the bunker and then Hitler and then the trials, Chuck help me, and it just gets better and better from here. So, while 8.01 through 8.10 are not my favorites, I have to say that 8.11 through 8.23 (with a few notable exceptions, "Man's Best Friend With Benefits," I'm looking at you) make an outstanding season. I mean, you've got "Sacrifice," you've got "The Great Escapist." Any season that gives us Trials!Sam, LARP!Dean, Hot Professor Sam, Winchesters warming their hands over a burning corpse, Sam in Purgatory, Dean's frantic post-purgatory hug, Dean giving Sam an ice bath, and "so?" has got to be near and dear to my heart.

Also, TNT is doing this cute thing where they show memes they've created from the show. It's on their Twitter too; you should check it out.

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