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Most rewatchable episode of S3 - time to narrow it down

There were a couple of interesting things about this season's poll. First, I think it's the first time one episode got a vote from every person who voted. And second, each of the top episodes has a heavy dose of humor.

We're only going with three episodes this time, since they were pretty far in front of the rest of the pack.

Bad Day at Black Rock -  For an episode that should be loaded with angst (Dad's mysterious cache! Sam's going to die in a week! And if he survives the curse somehow, he's still got Gordon's minions out to kill him!), this is just freaking funny. And Sam in the hotel room, trying to stay out of trouble and accidentally catching on fire, so adorable. Dean and Bela. Bobby being Bobby. (Also, Sam ends up tied to a chair, which I understand makes some people very happy.) (Also also, I'm suddenly craving an AU fic that really explores the dark potential of this episode.)

A Very Supernatural Christmas - Hilarious pagan gods, Sam and Dean singing Christmas carols with drunk NotMonsterSanta. But unlike BDABR, this one isn't just funny, it's also a tear-jerker. Dean wants to celebrate his last Christmas! Sam can't face it, but he does it anyway because he loves Dean! And the SAAAAAAAMULET!!!!!!! AVSC will always have a special place in my heart. (Also, both boys end up tied to chairs, and bloodied, see above.)

Mystery Spot - This is a whiplash episode, going from funny funny funny to WOW. Tragedy. Angst. Tears. Redemption. A rare Sam-focused episode that nicely foreshadows his season 4 revenge-driven behavior. And how hot is Sam in that grey v-neck T-shirt? (Does this shirt have a name? If Sherlock has the Purple Shirt of Sex, shouldn't this be the Grey V-neck T-shirt of Sex? I'm making the GVTS a thing, if it isn't already).

So, it's time to pick your favorite! What's it going to be?

What is the most rewatchable episode of Supernatural S3?

Bad Day at Black Rock
A Very Supernatural Christmas
Mystery Spot

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