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Initial reaction 15.05: "Proverbs 17.03"

For anyone who's new here... Hi, I'm caranfindel, and I have a problem. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First, let me say a heartfelt thank you to those of you who said you'd read my review even if (when) it's stupidly late. (Monday? Ha ha ha.) I love and appreciate you all. And hopefully my incisive analysis will be worth the wait.

How is OMG SAMMEH IS SO HAWT "incisive analysis?"

Listen. You knew what you were getting into when you came here.

And yes, he is SO HAWT. But once again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

THEN: Sam's red-tinged nightmare. His irrational belief that God is gone. Rowena! Dean is mad at Cas. Belphegor is dead.

NOW: A campsite in Colorado. Three young women are drinking rum, and they look so alike that The Husband and I have a discussion about whether they're supposed to be triplets. Also, they're dressed weird, like a real life version of what an anime character would wear when camping. One of them is depressed because she doesn't have a job but GUESS WHAT SWEETHEART YOU'RE THE LUCKY ONE HERE. Because the other two get killed by something growly.

Title card!

Bunker. Sam checks his phone, which is full of unanswered messages to Cas. Clearly Cas didn't say goodbye to Sam when he decided it was time for him to move on. And no matter how justified one thinks he was in that decision, there's no excuse for just sneaking out on Sam. I will accept no argument on this one. Anyway, considering that none of Sam's messages say sorry Dean was such a dick or I understand why you did what you did or anything like that, I strongly suspect Dean didn't tell him the whole story.

Dean enters, just back from a supply run, bearing ghost pepper jerky. Sam warns him that he won't like it, but Dean insists he will. Dean is wrong. He tries to feign enjoyment, and fails, and Sam innocently withholds the water bottle and it's just so cute, seeing these guys be brothers. Especially since Sam's getting a little revenge for last week's bacon incident.

Ah, it's directed by Richard Speight. That explains why it's so precious.

They've been keeping an eye on a supposed wildcat case, in which the victims just increased to five (and why is Sam's quietly saying "we're up to five" SO DAMN HOT) so Dean declares it's time to go.

We then cut, oddly, to the hallway. After a moment we realize this is another dream sequence, and we sit back to see how awesome it's going to be. And the answer is VERY AWESOME because OH FUCK GUYS IT'S SAM IN A WHITE SUIT, IT HAS TO BE SAMIFER, IT HAS TO BE. How wonderful. I didn't expect this. Dean approaches him from behind and points the Colt at the back of his head. "Please forgive me," he says. Sam smiles, and then lurches forward with an exit wound to the forehead. But he soon sits up. The wound fades away as his eyes glow red. "The Colt," he says. "Did you really think that would work? Poor, faithful Dean. We both knew it had to end this way." He slightly turns his head, barely looking at his brother, and Dean bursts into flame. As he screams, Samifer tilts his head and enjoys the lovely fire and in case I haven't said this before, I got tired of Lucifer, after they made him a petulant whiner instead of subtly evil. But Samifer? I WILL NEVER TIRE OF SAMIFER.


Sam jerks awake in the passenger seat of the Impala. He'd probably be more comfortable if it had headrests, but since it doesn't, his head is tilted to the side just like Samifer's was, which is such a nice touch. Dean comments that it's "another" nightmare, implying that there have been several, and asks if Sam wants to talk about it. Which of course Sam doesn't. But it made me wonder how much Dean told him about Zachariah's endverse. Did he tell him "you said yes to Lucifer and you were wearing a white suit?" Or not? I think not. Because I think Sam dreaming that he was Dean's future vision of Lucifer would be a little more traumatic. And I've already ficced that assumption, so let's move on.


They show up at the sheriff's office of whatever little town this is (sorry, I forgot) and Sam asks if they're going Fed. Because if they were, they'd change into the Fed suits here, in the parking lot of the sheriff's office, I guess. Luckily, Dean has decided they're going with Fish and Wildlife, so changing into suits isn't necessary. He shows Sam their fake IDs, for agents Mark Hamill and Dean Ford (why does Dean's use his real first name, but Sam's doesn't?), made from what seem to be season 1 photos. Sam calls it a "deep cut," so I assume they've used these IDs before. (Sidebar: How much do I love the Sam-as-Luke and Dean-as-Han meta of this? A lot.) There is some banter about Sam looking like a baby, and I guess the joke is that Dean doesn't realize how much he's changed, but honestly, in these photos, Sam has changed more than Dean has. I mean, that early seasons Sam hair, y'all. Dean puts on a different jacket (because his other jacket wasn't fish-and-wildlifey enough?) and Sam puts on a puffy vest and can I say that I don't particularly like the puffy vest in general, but on Sam it looks amazing?

Oh, we are shocked to hear this.

Hush. They also add some hats to the ensemble, and I know Tumblr wants the fish pictured on these hats to be a salmon, because of Salmon Dean, but it really looks like a rainbow trout to me. (By which I mean it's rainbow-colored. I couldn't differentiate between a salmon and a trout if you held a gun to my head.)

The guys ask if she's the sheriff and she says "that's what the mug says," and then we see her mug and it literally says "I'm the Sheriff" AND I DIE LAUGHING. I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS IS SO FUNNY BUT IT IS. The Husband actually took out his earbuds to see what was so funny, and I rewound it for him and he laughed too. She's not particularly impressed with Agents Ford and Hamill, and Sam is delighted that she questions whether Dean's photo is actually him. I suspect the sheriff is played by the same actress who played a shopkeeper some seasons back when Dean was running with Crowley; one of many people to tell Dean he "grew up pretty." She has no comments on his beauty this time. She's kind of snarky and I adore her. Also, her office is weird and wonderful, with a taxidermied deer head popping out of a mural in 3D, and some kind of big cat wearing a ranger hat. Anyway, she doesn't think these are animal attacks. And if a human did it, he's a monster. Oh, Sheriff, if you only knew.

We're doing a good job of getting Sam's profile, and the light in his eyes, aren't we?

The guys visit the sole survivor of the attack in the hospital. She's all pretty and made up, with clean hair and a vicious, unbandaged, unstitched (maybe even unwashed) cut down her perfect cheek. We see flashbacks of her being attacked by a human, but she's reluctant to speak in front of the nurse or doctor or whoever he is. Sam asks the guy to go out into the hall to participate in a HIPAA violation, leaving Dean to question the girl, Ashley. He assures her that they'll believe her, no matter what she saw. "Whatever you're about to say, we've heard worse. We've heard weirder." Aw, I love that for some reason. He sits on her bed and holds her hand and explains that she was attacked by a werewolf, and that he and his brother kill monsters. We pause for a moment on him taking her hand, which makes me think it's going to mean something, but in the end, I guess it doesn't. He promises they will keep her safe, and asks her if she got a good look at "it." We get a flashback of a werewolf in a red flannel shirt telling her to keep quiet about what they did to her friends. But Dean promises to protect her, and apparently it works, because when he goes out into the hall to release Sam from his subterfuge, he actually has a name.

Cabin in the forest. (Have we seen this same cabin a hundred times? Most likely.) It must be just off a very good road, because the Impala pulls up to it, and let me tell you friends, that car does NOT have the clearance you need for any kind of off-roading. Which reminds me, I forgot to put one thing on the list of things I want before the end - I'd love to see a Kansas tag on the Impala again. Sam tells us the werewolf, Andy, lives here with his brother Josh. Dean asks if Josh is a wolf too, and Sam says there's one way to find out, as he pulls out a notepad, and of course I didn't notice this on first watch but now I do. Agents Ford and Hamill are greeted by Josh, who is also surprised that Dean's photo is the Dean standing before him. (The Husband asks "Is this a thing?") Josh calls Andy to the door. Andy is very open and a little too friendly for his own good, but Josh is secretive and refuses to answer questions. Sam tries to get them to write their phone numbers on his pad of paper, handing it to Josh with a silver pen, and I love when they do this. I love when they let us figure out what Sam's doing, instead of going for clunky exposition. Bless. But Josh recoils at the pen and refuses to take it, saying they don't have a phone.

"Well, I say we just shoot 'em right now," Dean says, as the door is closed in his face. Sam looks like he agrees. But then there's a phone call from Ashley. Dean tells her they'll be right there. Josh and Andy watch from the window. Josh yells at Andy for being an idiot, and Andy yells at Josh for killing people when they agreed not to, and Josh yells at Andy for not killing Ashley like he was supposed to, and then suddenly they're talking about Dad and "Dad is dead!" and oh, hey, look, that's familiar, isn't it? Josh promises they'll stop hunting people. "I don't lie to you, I look out for you," he says, very intensely. (Ha ha ha once again who does that remind you of?) "So we'll stop. But first, that Ashley girl, she's got to go." And he holds Andy's face in his hands in a very unbrotherly way, although I know some of you think it's a very brotherly way and would very much like to see it happen between some other brothers on this show.

Sleepy Bear Inn. Complete with a giant statue of a bear in a nightcap. Ashley apologizes as the guys let her into a hotel room, saying she didn't have anyone else to call. (Because they're dead. Aw.) Once again she's dressed like a live action version of an anime character, with a little scout-style neckerchief and matching beret. Is this what you had in your camping backpack, Ashley? Dean tells her to take their room, and turns to Sam to figure out what happens next. Sam decides they'll grab a room next door, as if there were a lot of options to consider. I guess instead of sleeping in the car? But guys, wouldn't it be easier to get a new room for Ashley, if you've already unpacked?


Dean sotto voces that they'll go kill the Lumberjack Twins (and oh, Dean, I don't think you're in a position to make fun of people who dress like lumberjacks) but Sam is distracted by how weirdly easy the case is. And he's right. It's quite weird. I am suspicious as well, Sam. But Dean says easy is good. They attempt to make their escape, but Ashley asks if Dean will stay with her until she falls asleep. Cue the porn music. You shouldn't have held her hand, Deano.

Meanwhile, outside the Sleepy Bear Inn, the Lumberjack Twins are waiting in their old truck, having tracked Ashley by her scent. Uh oh! Andy is hesitant, because he recognizes the Impala, but Josh assures him they're "good at quick and quiet."

Apparently they don't care about Sam, or don't notice him leaving, because we cut to Dean alone in the room with Ashley. He's trying to stay awake and she's not making any effort to fall asleep. (Bow chicka wow wow? Maybe?) She claims to be tired/drugged (and Dean confirms she has the good stuff, even though she doesn't even have a goddamn bandaid) but she's sitting up, fully dressed.

I mean, I'm not throwing shade. I'm not saying I wouldn't try to seduce him if he sat on my bed and looked like that. And Sam was gone.

Ashley asks if Dean likes his job, and he says he does, because killing monsters feels good. She, on the other hand, has lost her friends and has no job, or any idea what she's going to do with her life. "It's all just so random, and awful," she says. "Wouldn't it be great if everything was just planned out for you? If it was all just already decided?"


Time jump. Dean's asleep. Sam shakes him awake. Ashley is gone. Well, shit.

Cut to Ashley, tied up and gagged in some kind of horror movie of a room, with blood-spattered stainless steel walls. Josh and Andy argue about who they are. The Impala pulls up mid-discussion, with Dean saying "there's no way those dumbasses took Ashley without me waking up." I like that he calls them dumbasses.

Interior. Andy freaks out as Josh picks up a hatchet. Ashley screams. The guys hear it outside, and run into the cabin. So this stainless steel abattoir is in that cabin. Huh. They burst through the door as the werewolves run out the back. And apparently circle back around to the front, because as the Winchesters run into the living room with Ashley, they're attacked by the Lumberjack Twins. Dean drops his gun, of course, and Andy picks it up and aims it at Sam. Hey, remember the last time a werewolf got Dean's gun in a fight in a cabin and pointed it at Sam? Because I sure do. Andy calls out to his brother, who ignores him as he concentrates on pinning Dean to the wall and snarling at him, and finally a shot rings out - but Andy shot Josh, not Sam! He still threatens the Winchesters with the gun. "He was my brother, and he promised," he says. "But he was never gonna stop. And he turned into a monster. And I'm a monster too." But not just a monster, son. You're also a very convenient literary device. (Symbol, metaphor, or foreshadowing? Discuss.) Andy points the gun at his own stomach, pulls the trigger, and falls over dead. (Hey, remember the last time a werewolf shot someone in the gut in a cabin? Because I sure do.) And you don't really die that quickly from a gut shot, but okay.

So, the werewolves took themselves out. Even Dean agrees that was weird. Ashley stumbles across the room, in shock, and then trips and falls smack onto a set of antlers that Dean had ripped off the wall to use as a weapon. She collapses onto the floor, impaled and apparently dead, and yes, guys, things are getting weirder. And then... she says "well this is a bitch" and sits up, very much alive and annoyed.

"What are you?" says Sam, completely freaked out and bewildered. "Aw, Sam," she says. "You don't remember little old me?" AND HER EYES GO WHITE. IT'S LILITH, Y'ALL. She explains that she was in the Empty until "the boss" brought her back. "Lucifer?" says Sam, TERRIFIED. She rolls her eyes. "God. I was supposed to get rescued and, in a moment of sweet relief, seduce Dean, blah blah blah. Obviously that's not happening... now... so...?" She looks a question at Dean, who gives her an adorable little well, under the circumstances, I think not eyebrow.

She says Chuck sent her to "make sure you guys see those two mutts go all murder-suicide." And she can't kill them. She's supposed to collect the god gun. Sam pulls out his demon blade and Dean pulls out his angel blade, but neither are effective against someone who can hurl you against a wall. Sam is knocked unconscious, as usual, and Lilith moves toward him. Dean jumps up in a panic. "Wait, wait wait wait, no. Don't touch him. Fine, you want the gun, I'll show you where it is." He's terrified and desperate and (surprise, surprise) I love it. She's not that impressed by his offer, suggesting that he might be lying. And she can't kill him, but she can do other things. "So, if this is just some desperate attempt to save poor Sam, by the time I'm through with you, you'll be begging to die." (Sidebar: Did Dean gaze sadly at Sam's still body while he walked away with Lilith, knowing he might be going to his death, never to see his brother again? Discuss.)

I think I love her.

Cut back to Sam, and then to another dream sequence. He's in the bunker, shocked at whoever is hitting him. And that whoever is Dean IN THE RED SHIRT OF BAD DECISIONS, MY FRIENDS. ONE OF MY REQUESTS HAS BEEN FILLED. Dean punches Sam in the face a couple of times and his head snaps back and then Dean whirls him around and THROWS HIM THROUGH THE RAILING IN SLOW MOTION, AND IF I HAD THOUGHT TO REQUEST THIS, I SURELY WOULD HAVE. Sam lands on the map table and then rolls to the floor, where he shakes his beautiful confused little head and looks up to see Dean rolling up his sleeve, revealing the Mark of Cain.


Dean punches him and throws him some more and Sam never really tries to fight back. Instead, he tries, as he always does, to talk him out of doing the Bad Thing. Then Dean picks him up by the neck (AND FUCK, YOU GUYS, DEAN'S PROFILE) and then draws out the First Blade. His eyes flip black and he shoves the blade up under Sam's ribs, right into his heart, and watches him die. He does this little pursed thing with his lips, either a parody of sympathy or an expression of oooh, that looks like it hurts, I bet it hurts. He withdraws the blade and drops his brother's corpse to the floor. Then Sam wakes, startled to find himself alone and not dead. He retrieves the demon knife and runs outside to find no Impala. But the Lumberjack Twins' old truck is out there. Y'all know how much I love Sam driving an old truck! Can he keep it?


THIS FIGHT, YOU GUYS. This is what I wanted from Demon!Dean. I mean, yes, we got the hammer, and that was fucking amazing. But that was mostly anticipation, and this fight is pure brutal action. And Sam doesn't fight back. At first he seems too shocked that Dean is actually punching him to even do anything, and then he's just too hurt to do anything other than weakly try to defend himself. (Sidebar: Has anyone ever successfully overcome a possession or control issue in order to save Sam? Bobby, Sam, Cas, and John all did it to save Dean. MoC Dean defied Death, but he wasn't under Death's control at the time; he just changed his own mind and overcame the comparatively slight influence of the Mark, because remember, the Mark didn't want Sam dead, it just wanted him to leave Dean alone. I don't think this has ever happened for Sam, and yet he still continues to believe.)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I need to go watch that again.

Impala. Dean and Lilith. Dean asks "why," and Lilith says "because, of the three potential vessels, Ashley had the best hair." IT'S CONFIRMED. I LOVE HER. (Although it would have been harder for her to choose, I think, because they all looked exactly alike.) He clarifies that he wants to know why she's doing this, and she says "You think I want to be here? I died to free Lucifer from the cage. I had to die for what I wanted most. Then you two went and screwed it all up!" Mmmm, nice juxtaposition here, dying for what you wanted most. She mocks Dean for falling for her act, and mocks Chuck for being a "low rent Dean Koontz" and having a "very weird, very pervy obsession with you." She reveals that Chuck's stories always end the same way: one brother killing the other. "This world. He could have ended it in so many ways. He likes that one. You know, I guess that's why you had to see the werewolf brothers die the way they did? Because foreshadowing. Way to stick a lampshade on that, Show. (Am I being mocked for my constant claims of foreshadowing? Discuss.)

They get back to the hotel and Dean's all, whoops, I forgot, we didn't bring the gun after all, ha ha. Lilith answers by swiping her finger through the air, causing a gash to appear on Dean's cheek. She refers to this technique by its Chinese name, but I've already wasted enough time and I'm not going to look up the spelling, so I'll just go with her translation of "death by a thousand cuts." She does it again to his other cheek, and then to his abdomen, and then possibly below the waist. But then Sam slams the door open and shoots her in the forehead with a bullet engraved with a demon trap. It's a nice callback to the shooting of Samifer earlier. She's very angry to find she can't move. Once he confirms Dean is okay, Sam gets demandy.

Where's Chuck?

Why would I ever tell you anything?

Because I've killed you before. And I can do it again.

See, you keep saying that. But you killed me because I let you. Now I'm feeling less generous.

The lights go out and bad things are happening, so the guys skedaddle, not realizing that Lilith has literally pushed the bullet out of her head. They are suddenly frozen in place, and Lilith appears in front of them. She realizes that since they didn't grab the gun from the room, and they wouldn't have left it at home, then it must be... hmmm... She saunters over to the Impala and I am suddenly convinced that something very, very bad is going to happen to that car. And now I have a new request for this season - I want (NEED) the Impala to be okay at the end of it. But Lilith doesn't hurt the car, she just leans into the open window and opens the unlocked glove compartment and retrieves THE ONLY WEAPON THAT WILL KILL GOD from its so-called hiding place. I mean, guys. You have a trunk. You have lockboxes. I know you assumed (FOR SOME STILL UNKNOWN REASON) that Chuck was gone, but that's no reason to let a weapon that will kill ANYTHING sit unguarded. The guys are horrified, but then Sam makes some defiant statement about how they'll get it back. "Will you," says Lilith, melting it in her hand. Whoops.

"Well, thank you, boys," she says. "See you soon." Oh, I hope so. I really, really hope so. Because this actress is killing it. I suspect she's just the Returning Character of the Week and we'll never see her again. But her return is also troubling, because if Chuck can drag Lilith out of the Empty, he can drag anyone out of the Empty. Like Lucifer. {sigh} But also Jack, so. There's that. Let us have hope.

And even if we never see her again, at least she gave us this.

Aftermath! Bunker. Sam's on the phone, making another call that Cas won't answer. "Straight to voicemail, again," Sam says. And then there's this.

He was supposed to be gone. God was supposed to be gone.


So what? We're just, we're stuck in his maze, still? And now Lilith's back? I mean, what's he gonna do, just throw our greatest hits at us?

I mean - why doesn't he just kill us already?

Because that's not what he wants. Lilith said that Chuck only likes one kind of ending. You kill me, or I kill you.


Yeah. But that's not happening.

Dean. My dreams, visions, or whatever. They all end the same way. With us killing each other.

You're just telling me this now?

I thought they must have been some form of like, messed up PTSD, but what if they're not? What if I'm somehow seeing Chuck's endings? Different ones?

How would that be possible?

Cause of this. When I shot Chuck, the bullet wasn't a bullet, it was a piece of me, right? So what if it created a link of some sort, you know? I mean, what if... what if, somehow, I'm in his head?

This was supposed to be over. We were done. We were free. And now... what are we supposed to do, man? We just keep running in this freaking hamster wheel until we die? Or until we get boring, and he ends us?

Or we fight.

Fight God. Without the gun. It's God, Sam. And he's coming for us. How the hell are we supposed to fight God?

Oh, guys. Dean's on the verge of tears, and then he's over the verge. And I love that Sam is actually coming right out and saying "I've been through so much trauma that when I started having fucked-up dreams, I naturally assumed they were PTSD." Love this so hard. And it also breaks my heart.

Really good profile game this week, guys.

Can we talk about how, when one of the guys gives up, the other becomes an optimist? Like, in general, Sam is the one to say "we'll find a way" and Dean's the one to say "oh well, guess we're gonna die," and this week is no different. But when Sam is the one who thinks things are hopeless (i.e., Sacrifice), Dean's the one saying "it's okay, we'll figure it out." And you figure they've been doing this their entire lives - if one doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, the other will rise to the occasion and drag him along, even if he might have been feeling doubtful himself, simply because it's the only reason they've been able to survive.

And let's talk about the title. Proverbs 17:3 is: The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, But the LORD tests hearts. A website that I'm to lazy to link to says: When silver is mixed, or suspected to be mixed, with base metal, it must be subjected to such a test as the cupel to purify it. And gold also must be purified by the action of the fire. So God tries hearts. He sends afflictions which penetrate the soul, and give a man to see his state, so that he may apply to the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning, to destroy what cannot stand the fire, to separate and burn up all the dross. How shall we apply this to the Winchesters? Obviously God is trying their hearts, sending afflictions which penetrate their soul. We know our boys won't be destroyed, right? Right?

Well. Fifteen more episodes to find out. As always, thanks for keeping spoilers out of the comments.
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