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Initial reaction 15.07: “Last Call”

THEN: Sam feels like the punchline to some cosmic joke. Dean yells at Cas. Cas ignores Sam. Sam and Chuck are linked. Eileen is alive.

NOW: Texhoma, Texas. Two girls are leaving a bar called B's Sugar Bar. Angela, the brunette, is sober. Sally, the blonde, is very very drunk. Drunk Friend Sally goes off to puke ("Purge your sins," Angela says, which I find amusing and will use at some point) and Sober Friend Angela gets in the car. From the music, we know Sally's about to get her drunk ass killed by a monster. But - plot twist! Angela is the one who disappears, car and all. We then see her in a basement, tied to a chair. With an IV in her hand leading to a cage. And there's something in there. Something that apparently drinks from the IV like a hamster. And... scene.

Title card!

Bunker. Dean's in his bedroom, and he reaches to get a beer from a shelf above his bed. Seems like he'd have a beer fridge in his room, doesn't it? He's desperately looking for any kind of hunt but gets headlines like "Weather remains unchanged" and "Seniors home gets new foyer carpet," which I find hysterical (must have been a really slow news day). Finally something captures his eye: "My friend was raptured while I was drunk." Score!

He heads for the kitchen, where we hear Sam talking to someone. At least it might be Sam. But whoever it is sounds happy, so that's weird. Oh, fuck, he's cooking with Eileen! And no, that's not what the kids call it nowadays - they're literally cooking breakfast. Is this a "morning after" breakfast?

Also, can we talk about Eileen actually being here, whether or not this is a morning after situation? I didn't expect it. And now I'm thrown. Because I was sure she was going to be a one-off, and we wouldn't see her again. She'd be referred to, maybe - Sam would text her, Dean would ask about her. Maybe she'd show up just long enough to die again. And yet now here she is, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Because as much as I love Sam and Eileen together, I think I liked the possibility more than the actuality. I liked Eileen being out there as a potential, as something aspirational. She was a goal. Some day Sam can leave the life, or (as he said in Baby) hook up with someone who's in the life. But I don't think I want it to actually happen here and now. And as I said on Tumblr, I don't think Sam would do it. I think at this point in his life (especially right after Rowena), he's watched so many people die after (and because of) becoming close to him and Dean, I just don't think he'd do it. I think he'd keep her at arm's length.

(Does that mean I will avoid fic about this pair? Fuck no.)

Sam offers eggs, pancakes, and bacon. He does not mention the fruit because he knows his brother won't be interested. Dean fixates on the bacon. "Is that real bacon?" he asks. "Because you know, you -" He pauses when Eileen gives him a sly look. "Are you two hung over?" Well, that's not the question I expected. Unless "hung over" is a euphemism. Sam nervously rubs the back of his head (and DEAR GOD HE'S ADORBLE) and gazes affectionately at Eileen, and she says "we might have gotten just a little carried away with the margaritas last night" and she looks at him adoringly (and rightly so because he's FUCKING ADORABLE) but again, is this a euphemism? Is "getting carried away with the margaritas" what the kids call it these days? (Also, margaritas???) Anyway, it's awkward and precious. Dean declines breakfast, saying he's going to head out, and Sam says "just give us a minute to wrap this up and we'll go with you." We. Oh Sam. Dean declines their company as well. So, unlike previous episodes, he’s not eating. He’s actually declining food. What does it mean?


He leaves the kitchen, and Sam runs after him. Dean says he's "good" but "I gotta get out of here. I gotta take a drive, clear my head." Alone. Because he doesn't want to interfere in Sam and Eileen's fun. Sam says that's fine, because he and Eileen have "some stuff to do," and there is the obvious "I bet you do" response from Dean, but Sam claims "it's not like that." Their "stuff" is looking for Chuck and Lilith. M'kay. Dean instructs him to leave a sock on the door, just in case.

Call me if you need me.

I always do.

Aw. That touches me, for some reason.

Other things that touch me. Or that I would like to touch me.

Sam returns to the kitchen and he and Eileen speak while also using sign language, which I really like. He thinks Dean being willing to leave the bunker, after being depressed about the Chuck situation, is actually progress. Eileen agrees, although she probably means progress for me, because I got rid of that third wheel and now I get to climb this here mountain. Sam's hopeful little face is killing me.

Dean shows up at the Texhoma sheriff's office. So by "take a drive" he meant "drive six hours." Because of course I looked Texhoma up on Mapquest. To be fair, Wikipedia informs me that Texhoma is the northernmost town in Texas, and actually straddles the Texas/Oklahoma border. But still. He's literally two states away.

He introduces himself to the sheriff as "Agent Dukes." I'm thinking "as in Daisy Dukes?" but the sheriff says "Like put up your dukes," which I guess works too. Dean says he's looking into Sober Friend Angela's disappearance, but the sheriff doesn't think she's actually disappeared. Her car is gone, so that means she must have been driving it. And? No one's ever been forced to drive somewhere by an assailant? Or been thrown in the trunk and driven off? Nah, she's been talking about moving to L.A., so obviously she up and did that. Right then and there. Leaving her drunk bestie puking in the parking lot of a bar. Sure. Kids do that all the time. The sheriff, whose name is J.C. Dillon (and I'm sure that means something; maybe I'll look it up later) says he spent a month in L.A. himself. And maybe Agent Dukes should give it a shot, since he's got the look. Wait, haven't we already had the mandatory Someone Tell Dean He's Pretty moment this season? Oh well. Dillon says Angela's drunk friend Sally hangs out at a bar called Swayze's. Well, that's not subtle at all.

I mean, this sheriff is right, the dude is pretty.

Swayze's Bar. It's a rowdy place, with live music and a girl dancing on the table. A sexy staff member (who we will later learn is named Lorna) demands that he "hand it over."

My gun?

This is Texas, sweetheart. You can keep your gun. Cell phone. Ain't a party if everyone's on their phone.

Oh, what a convenient way to make sure Dean isn't able to communicate with anyone. Like, anyone he said he'd call if he needed them. Wouldn't it have been easier if he looked at it, noticed it was dead, and shrugged and stuck it back in his pocket? Why does Show go for the unnecessarily complicated explanation so often? Oh well. He tells her he's looking for Drunk Friend Sally, and is informed that she'll definitely show up. And the smacks his ass. Oh, and he gets called handsome again. Is anybody keeping count?

We cut to the singer, and according to Tumblr, this actor is some friend of Jensen's, or someone he's been on a show with, or whatever. I don't particularly care. Sorry. But he's a face from Dean's past too, apparently. "Lee Webb," he mutters. He stalks up to him and says "Son of a bitch" with his angry face. "Dean friggin Winchester," the guy replies, with his own angry face. Ha, fake out! They're actually friends! Who saw that coming? Lee is a former hunter and the owner of this bar. He's surprised Dean's still on the job.

Bunker. Sam and Eileen are in the library, researching. Sam sighs, she smiles seductively at him, and he smiles back anxiously. Then she declares her brain is melting (because of the hotness!) and he agrees it's time for a break. "Why don't we do something fun?" she asks. He asks if she has any ideas, and she says "I mean, a few." And by the look on her face it's pretty clear exactly what ideas she has, and they're the very same ideas I've been having for a long time now. Sam swallows nervously and puts his hand on top of hers. He scoots a little closer, but the feeling I'm getting is not "let's put on some Barry White and move some furniture." He seems very anxious. (Also, dammit, I miss Megstiel.)

Can't blame the girl for going for it, though.

The awkwardness is interrupted just in time by the sound of the front door opening. Speak of the devil! It's Cas. Sam's astonished to see him, and points out that he's been trying to get in touch with him. Cas is all, never mind that, I'm here now, so I don't have to apologize for blowing you off. Sam introduces Eileen.

I thought you were -

Dead? Yeah, I got better.

(Any other Monty Python fans crying out "burn her anyway?" No? Just me? Okay.)

Cas asks about Dean, and Sam says "he went for a drive, and he's been gone for seven or eight hours and I'm kind of worried about him." No, he doesn't. He tells him he and Eileen are looking for signs of Chuck and/or Lilith. Because she also got better. Cas says they're looking in the wrong place. "When you shot God, it fired a piece of your soul. So there may be some of you inside Chuck." Eileen says "ew," as if she wasn't trying to get a piece of Sam inside her.

Back at the bar, Dean and Lee are having a great time, reminiscing about John and past hunts. Apparently Lee retired not long after "that cult thing we did in Arizona." I mean, I assume he doesn't mean they joined a cult in Arizona, but y'all feel free to interpret that however you want. He says he did one more hunt, here in Texhoma, and then decided he was done. Oooh, I wonder if that will be significant later. (Okay, I have to confess. I actually know that will be significant later. Sorry.) He bought this bar and has no regrets. Dean looks wistful at that. Because Dean, as we know, has many regrets.

Bunker. Medical bay. Cas tells Sam he can't heal his wound, but he'd like to probe it (ew, such an icky word) to see if it can lead him to Chuck. "Is it dangerous," Eileen asks. Oh, definitely. She doesn't think Sam should do it, but he's Sam Fucking Winchester so he insists he'll be fine and immediately exposes his wound. I'm disappointed that he just pulls his shirts aside again. I mean, not just because I'd like to see him shirtless, although that's definitely part of it. But also, only baring that shoulder seems like a weird thing to do. Maybe he's feeling shy around Eileen. "This is gonna sting," Cas lies. In fact, it hurts a lot, and then Sam gets flung into the wall.


Cas calls Dean's "other, other, other phone" and gets his voicemail, because Dean knew there was no reason anyone would ever need to to contact him, nothing worrisome going on right now, and therefore he left his phone in a basket at a bar. Cas leaves a frustrated message telling him Sam is hurt.

Meanwhile, Dean, Lee, and Lorna are drinking. Dean makes a list using 1 and b, but it just feels like fan service at this point. Lorna is working pretty hard at being the Cool Girl. Dean and Lee are talking about things they did with twins (technically, two out of three triplets) and Dean's wearing his Red Shirt of Bad Decisions and it's all a bit reminiscent of Demon!Dean, isn't it? Does Dean Winchester complete you, Lee?

Bunker. In desperation, Cas calls this guy named Sergei, who I vaguely remember from last season. Something to do with saving Jack, wasn't it? Sergei mocks Cas for being an angel of the Lord who can't heal a wound. He accepts that he owes Cas, because of Jack, and I happily accept that as well since I can't remember what Sergei did. Unfortunately, he is busy with his niece this weekend. What rotten luck. "Let me rephrase," Cas says. "If you don't help me tonight, I will find you and burn you alive." (Okay, but if he wasn't able to do whatever he said he could do for Jack, why does Cas think he can save Sam?) And then he hangs up. Because he's... not following through on that threat? What's happening here? Even Sergei seems confused.

Frustrated, Cas makes another phone call. We don't see who he's talking to, but he tells the person on the other end that he needs a favor.

Bar. Dean's telling Lee about ghost sickness, and once again I feel like I need to point out that reminding us of older, better episodes isn't necessarily in your best interest, Show. Then he shows Lee a picture of the girl he's looking for. Lee says he doesn't recognize her, but Lorna walks by and says "that's Angela, Lee; she's in here all the time." Oh, the girl who doesn't drink that much - now he recognizes her. That's not suspicious at all. Lee's surprised Dean is going on such a small-time hunt - just one missing girl - and says he thought he'd be on to bigger and better things. Oh, if you only knew. "Bigger doesn't always equal better," Dean says. "Besides, who's gonna look out after the little guy? God certainly isn't." Well, that's the truth. Lee tells Dean he deserves a break, which is also true.

And then Lee gets on stage to sing again, and drags Dean up there with him, and I'm just. Ugh. I'm not here for it. It's blatant fan service (and disturbingly meta, when Lee tells him he can't just sit around lip syncing "Eye of the Tiger") and sometimes I'm a fan of that, but not right now. (Also, is this the theme song from the Dukes of Hazzard? Someone please tell me it's not.) And we're mirroring Demon!Dean even further, aren't we? Now, I know some people are all worked up about Dean suddenly being able to sing, since he couldn't sing when he was a demon. But honestly, this confirms my theory that Demon!Dean sang like crap on purpose, just to piss people off. So I'm okay with that aspect of it.

Then Dean and Lee toss out some guys who are harassing a girl. Lee doesn't mind smashing his own window. Because he's just that dedicated. Conveniently, the girl they saved is Drunk Friend Sally.

Bunker. Sergei shows up, even though his conversation with Cas didn't lead me to believe he was going to do that. Anyway, Cas leads him to Sam, whose head is being tenderly tended to by Eileen. Sergei produces a crystal that glows when it gets close to Sam's godhole. "Small thing. Sam is dying," he says. We zoom in on Sam's lovely unconscious face, which makes me think we're going to get another brother vs. brother vision (and that, friends, is some fan service that I am here for), but no.

We cut to Swayze's. Drunk Friend Sally is talking about Sober Friend Angela as Lee does something with an electric screwdriver in the background. "She was a good girl, you know. She loved Jesus, and -"

"And America too," Lee interrupts. Tom Petty shoutout! (Yes, I know some of you will think it's a Jensen-Ackles-sings-Free-Fallin' shoutout, but I do not accept that.) Sally is still convinced Angela was "raptured." And what about her car? "Yeah, it got raptured too, I guess. It was a good car." You know what? I recently lost a good car, and I like to think it's with the Lord now. So I'll accept this. Lee pulls Dean aside to tell him he shouldn't be listening to Drunk Friend Sally.

I know, I know, she's not the most reliable witness, but best friends don't just up and leave without saying goodbye.

Unless they deserve it.

Oooh. I certainly hope we're not saying Sam deserved for his friend Cas to just up and leave without saying goodbye.

Lee offers to join Dean on the case, just like old times. Dean asks where you'd go to dump a car, and Lee says the lake. "Or the wrecking yard," says Lorna, creeping up behind him. I do love the way Lorna's always circling in the background, calling out Lee's bullshit. (Oooh, what if Lorna was actually the bad guy, trying to throw Dean off? That'd be cool.) Lee still pushes for the lake, so Dean says you take the lake, I'll take the wrecking yard, and leaves before Lee can do anything other than look annoyed.

Bunker. Sergei explains that Sam's wound is different than most because "most wounds want to be healed, to be whole. But this, this wound is different. It goes down to his very soul. But also out into the world. From what I can tell, his soul is connected to something. Or someone. Somewhere. Except as you probed deeper, you forced the soul to stretch from Sam's body to... I don't know. But now, it's like a rubber band. If it is stretched too far, too long - pop! It snaps. And Sam dies." However, he says he can fix it. Which "Sam is dying" definitely doesn't imply. (And why, again, does Cas trust Sergei so much?)

Texhoma wrecking yard. It's daylight now. Boy, Dean's been gone a long time. He wanders down an aisle between rows of junked cars that reminds me very much of Singer Salvage, and I wipe away a nostalgic tear. Now, it seems obvious to me that a car which appeared here in the last week would have to be on the edge, or near an opening, but the car Dean discovers (not because he knew what make/model it was, but because he recognizes her student parking permit) is wedged in and looks Iike it was parallel parked here. He pops open the trunk and discovers Sober Friend Angela's body inside. And then he hears the safety of a gun clicking. Uh oh! "Couldn't leave well enough alone, could you," says Lee, holding his gun to Dean's head. Then he knocks him out. Lee's wearing a grey Henley and some kind of necklace. It's like he's Dean Winchester Gone Wrong. Bizarro Dean Winchester.

This car is an Impala. I don't know why they covered the logo, but it's an Impala.

Bunker. Sergei dabs at Sam's godhole and after a moment of nothing, Sam gasps and arches his back in pain. We see that he's getting visions of Chuck and Amara's conversation from previous episodes. Sergei admits that he actually made Sam worse, and he's definitely going to die unless Cas gives him what he wants. Eileen, being her awesome little badass self, throws Sergei up against the wall by his throat and says she'll kill him if he doesn't fix Sam. "You kill me, he dies," Sergei says. "Or, you give me the key to death, and he lives." The key to what now? Something the MoL have. Sergei conveniently expositions for us that it's a black key with a skeleton-shaped handle, and it opens the door to Death's library. Well, I wonder if that will one up in the future, friends? Luckily, we will recognize it when we see it.

"No," says Cas. He shows Sergei a picture on his phone of a blonde woman. Sergei's niece, perhaps? "A friend, Bobby, has been watching her," Cas says. "One word from me, and, well, you know what happens. Fix Sam. Now." Bobby? AU Bobby? I guess that's who Cas called earlier. Properly threatened, Sergei mutters an incantation over Sam's godhole, and he bursts back into consciousness. Sergei takes his leave. "I Iike this new Castiel. It's very... Russian." HA IT'S BECAUSE HIS NAME IS MISHA DO YOU GET IT?

For the love of God, will someone just take this man's shirt off?

Texhoma. Dean wakes up in the basement, tied to a chair. He hears the monster rattling around in its cage. Lee shows up and explains that their hunt in Arizona really fucked him up, and he couldn't do it any more. But his last hunt, the one here in Texhoma, produced something called a marid (no, fucking autocorrect, not a Madrid). As long as you feed it, it gives you money and health and everything you ever dreamed of. And how does it do that? More importantly, why does it do that? You've got it locked in a cage in the basement? Dean's enraged that it costs innocent lives, but I'm enraged that it didn't occur to Lee that he could feed it blood from many different people, and let them live, rather than bleeding each victim dry. Work smarter, Lee, not harder. Lee feels like he deserves this happiness after his hard life of hunting, which also enrages Dean, because while he occasionally realizes he deserves a better life... eh. Let's not go there.

Good or bad... The world doesn't care. No one cares, Dean.

Well, I do.

Yeah. And that's what got you here.

Aw, Dean, he's got a point. Lee assures Dean that his death will be painless, because he'll "fall asleep" after he loses a couple of pints of blood. He monologues a little more and then goes upstairs, and we see the marid snarling. Dean knocks himself over, which shatters his chair (as it always does) and allows him to escape. But the marid escapes too. Uh oh! I wonder who's gonna survive?

Upstairs, Lee hears the ruckus happening downstairs and pulls out his gun. Something slowly walks up the stairs. The door opens, and the marid's head flies out. Dean appears in the doorway. "Sorry about your friend." Hee! Lee fires, and Dean ducks behind the bar, where he finds a loaded shotgun. "God bless Texas," he says, which is actually pretty funny. They fight until Dean runs out of ammo. "I'm out!" he yells. "And by my count, so are you." (Grosse Point Blank feelings, anyone? No? Just me?) Lee empties his gun, and if I knew something about guns, I'd know if he actually wasn't out of bullets, or if he was dropping some empty casings. But I know nothing.

I do know that y'all better not hit that picture of Willie Nelson behind the bar. That's a capital offense.

Then there is monologuing.

You're hardcore, brother.

No. No, you don't get to pretend like we're still friends. I don't know you.

You don't, Dean? I am you. I'm just you that woke up and saw that the world was broken.

Then you fix it. You don't walk away. You fight for it.

It's like I said; Lee is the AU Dean. Dean says he can't just walk away and pretend he doesn't know what Lee did, "because I kill monsters." They fight some more, and to no one's surprise, Dean wins. "Why do you care so much, Dean," Lee says as he dies. "Because someone has to," Dean answers. "Well then, I'm glad it was you." I think he meant to say "because you're so handsome," but it's too late. Lee's dead and Dean cares so much.

How much does Dean care, exactly? Well, our next shot is the bunker. Dean hurries inside and sees Cas. "Hey! I got your message. Sam, is he...?" Um. Cas left you that message at least a day ago. And instead of calling him, or Sam, you just got in your car and drove 352 miles? Six hours? I know Texhoma is the northernmost part of Texas, but you drove through all of Oklahoma and most of Kansas without calling anyone to see if your endangered brother was all right?

What the fuck ever, show.

(Sam had no idea where Dean went. He didn't have a clue that he was actually on a hunt. What if Dean had just never come back?)

Anyway. Dean snaps at Cas and then (thank fuck) immediately goes in search of Sam. Who, with Eileen still at his side, says "I feel like I was in his head. And I think I saw his memories. Dean, Chuck is weak. I think we can beat him. I think we can beat God." Sam looks pale and fragile but hopeful and excited. Cas and Dean look worried.

And I look annoyed that a one-shot character had more screen time than Sam did, just in case anybody's curious.

So what have we learned in this episode? Cas doesn't think Sam deserves an apology. AU Bobby is still out there, ready and willing to do Cas's dirty work. Sam and Eileen have not consummated their relationship. Eileen really, really wants to. Sam might not. And Dean is handsome and good and and can sing and cares oh so much, except that he doesn't care enough to pick up the phone and check on his injured brother.

Ah, well. Let's see what you thought. As always, no spoilers in the comments, please!
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Posts from This Journal “initial reaction” Tag

  • Initial reaction: Walker 1.13

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