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On further review: Thinky thoughts about 15.11

So, I was thinking about Jack. Spoilers for 15.11 ahead.

I was thinking about how Sam insisted on giving him a chance. How he stopped Dean from attempting to kill him right after he was born. (We know now that Dean couldn't kill him, he just would have frightened and angered him. Neither Sam nor Dean knew that at the time, though.) How he was SO SCARED but he reached out to Jack, there at the lake house right after his birth. How he was LOCKED IN A FUCKING CELL WITH HIM and was even more frightened, but he still didn't give up. He sat there with this incredibly powerful being, the son of his torturer, and asked if he was okay. Reached out to him. Showed him acceptance and respect and even affection.

verucasalt123 commented in my 15.11 recap that "Jack Kline is not the hero of this story. He doesn't get to slide in halfway through the ninth inning and kill God and save the world." And yeah. I'm feeling that. But I'm also feeling that any good Jack does at this point can all be traced directly back to Sam Winchester. Because if Sam hadn't been willing to believe in him, to believe he could be good, then Jack would have been driven away by Dean's (quite natural) fear and anger. He would have considered the Winchesters his enemies, and would have fallen into Lucifer's clutches. And all of this would have gone very, very differently.

So if Jack does kill God and save the world? I'm giving Sam Winchester, and his huge heart, all the credit for that. The power of love, guys.
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