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In which I have way too much fun with silly little things

Every time these cute little image maker avatar things come up on Tumblr, I have to go make one. I don't know why, but I love them. So when they popped up in my feed the other day, I couldn't help playing.

This is pre-Covid going-to-work me and post-Covid working-from-home me.

190FB7A5-FBBF-4665-B891-B670824C2F79.png 806468F5-0681-477C-9FC1-3EAC3489F445.png

But eventually I got tired of creating different versions of me and thought, who else could I do? Well, who do you think? (Oh, you know me so well.)

This is a weird sad version of the Winchesters as dolls.


There are so many different styles, from classic anime to simple cartoon. I have a lot of fun scrolling through the different options. And some styles just seem to fit certain characters. This Jack makes me laugh SO HARD.


Sometimes you can create two characters together. I used this style for both John & Mary and Jody & Donna because why the hell not.

399481_hH37cmO0.png 399481_QnEPLx2J.png

Some characters are easier because, quite honestly, my standards are lower. Yeah, Claire, I'm talking about you.


This is supposed to be John but those ears have Garth written all over them.


Some options have the perfect props and extras. Like for Kevin and Rowena.

42843_Y50D4WMM.png 197122_z5lEDmGJ.png

This one started out as Crowley, but when I realized my available props included a red rose, devil horns, and a white suit, it HAD to become Samifer. Unfortunately, I forgot to lose the red tie. But I think it works.


The Winchesters are hard. My standards are very high. I do like these. I think it's a particularly good likeness of Dean (and I love his DONUT) but it's not a good Sam and the guys look too similar.

But this version is my absolute favorite. I mean, look at our boys. Dean's freckles! Sam's mole! The perfect hair! Sam's magnificent red plaid shirt! It's almost suspiciously easy to make Winchesters with this particular image maker. Like someone had them in mind when they developed it.

148413_J9bfbctO.png 148413_5Tbwwcwv.png

I was even able to make season 1 boys. The leather jacket with the popped collar! The Samulet! Sam's hoodie! LOOK, HE STILL HAS HOPE. I'M DYING.


Look at the Samulet and Sam's red plaid shirt and tell me the creator wasn't thinking about the Winchesters. LOOK AT THEM.

Okay, it's not perfect. There's no suit for Cas, and no wings or halo options. But I think the flower crown works in a pinch.

148413_veBQbZH0.png 148413_Sm1kfnUa.png

Anyway, I encourage you to go play with the site and show us what you came up with!
Tags: art, just for fun, supernatural

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