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In which I make things happen

Guys, I started writing this post in the spring. The date on this file is March 11. And now I'm annoyed as hell that I didn't go ahead and post it. Because, you know I've said sometimes I put something out into the world and it comes true? Well, here we go again. So just pretend you're reading this in March, back when I came up with the idea.

I was disappointed when I saw the news about Jared Padalecki's new show, because I wanted to believe the guys were leaving Supernatural so they could spend more time with their families. But when I saw it was likely going to be filmed in Austin, I was like, okay, I get it. Work all day, still get to go home to the wife and babies. It's a good thing. (Has anyone official actually said they're filming in Austin? Or is that just fanon?) And I also understand the guys saying they wanted to quit while they were ahead, and let the show go out on a high note. (Some would say they missed that opportunity years ago. Ahem.)

Now, am I going to watch Walker? It's unlikely. I love Sam Winchester, not Jared Padalecki. Jared is a handsome, talented, funny man, but the bottom line is that he's Sam Winchester's meatsuit, and I have a difficult time watching him play anyone else. (Yes, I've seen Friday the 13th. He's obviously playing Sam Winchester, using one of his many aliases.)

(Although, I'll admit, there are some fairly compelling reasons to watch...)


468C4DF1-DF3A-4D53-B285-B15D6DE91327.gif A1857985-558A-477E-BC15-BF1970BD1426.jpeg

The media keeps trying to tempt me with announcements about costars. Most of whom I've never heard of, and I assume they're just some CW-pretty youngsters, and I don't care. However, casting Mitch Pileggi (i.e. Samuel Campbell) as Daddy Walker is intriguing. Possibly there are some other casting decisions that could encourage me to tune in. For example.

I know they've already cast his first-female-Texas-Ranger partner, but I see someone else in that role. Someone blonde and bubbly and full of personality to go along with her pretty face.


And the backstory is that Walker has a dead wife. Surely there will be some flashbacks, won't there? And surely they can find someone, maybe even in the area, that shares some chemistry with Jared to play his dead wife in those flashbacks.


And yes, they've cast a brother. Pfft. But what about a brother-in-law as a recurring character? What if Walker's wife had a brother who is determined to help catch her mysterious killer? Someone who's also in the area (at least for now) and looks damn good in a cowboy hat?


And finally, what if his kids are young enough to need a nanny? And what if that nanny has a Scottish accent?

While I'm at it, let's talk about the theme song. Some will say the producers should find some local musician. I'm sure there are a few in Austin who could fit the bill. But to me, it needs to be either a Willie Nelson song, or a ZZ Top song. I've pretty much decided on ZZ Top's LaGrange, just because I need that moment where we first see a pair of cowboy boots walking down the street, and then we pan up along a pair of long, long legs (wearing jeans that actually fit) and past a belt buckle and a tucked-in shirt with the top button or two open to show some throat, and then that face and maybe a beard and maybe the hair is under a cowboy hat or maybe it's just loose, bouncing as he walks, unencumbered by the ridiculous amount of hairspray they use on his current show, and he's wearing mirrored aviator sunglasses instead of hat. And I need it to be set to this song.

Now that's a show I might watch.
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