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15.20: Six months later

Lebanon, Kansas
Six Months Ago

Having watched 15.20 (on its six month anniversary!) yesterday, followed immediately by 1.01, I have some thoughts.

This was the first time I watched "Carry On" since I rewatched it for my episode review back in November. I had forgotten how bad Sam's hair looked. I forgot how much I loved Sam genially explaining that he was going to slowly and painfully saw the vampire's head off. I had also forgotten how Dean's speech in the barn was affected by his injury, how he made those pained little noises, how he faded at the end.

I never did go back and tick off the Things I Wanted From the Finale. I expressed some wishes (here and here) and was generally surprised at how many of them came true.

  • The prophecy that Sam would kill Rowena was addressed.

  • Donna and Jody were alive at the end.

  • If Rowena died, it was at Sam's hand, and it was part of a grand scheme to save the world.

  • The Impala had her Kansas tags (it's not on one of these wish lists, but I know I expressed it somewhere).


And yes, there were things I specifically did not want to happen. And they happened.

  • Lucifer.

  • One of the brothers dies and the other survives. I did make my peace with this in the end.

  • Any discord between the brothers. However, the discord turned out to be Dean pointing a gun in Sam's face out of desperation and I decided I was very much okay with it.

And there were things I didn't even think to wish for.

  • Resolution of the Adam situation.

  • Shirtless, wet-haired Sam.

  • Domestic Winchesters, complete with dog!


Was it perfect? No. Especially in comparison to the Pilot. The cinematography, the writing, the overall look and feel and mood of the Pilot reminded me that I watched season 15 because I fell in love during season 1. And I'm a little bummed that the brothers never learned about the voice mail, or that Cas let Sam out of the panic room. But despite all that, six months later I can look back and say yeah, our little Show did pretty good.

I love you so much, my little Show.
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