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Initial reaction: Walker 1.12

I did not (and still do not) intend to discuss every individual episode of Walker, but we've got some time to kill before 1.13 (time I should be using to work on Summergen, shush) and I have things to talk about.

  • So Gramma Walker was actually in the midst of an affair when Emily died? I got the impression something was going on, but I thought it was in the past. (Theoretically I could watch 1-4 and find out, but I'm not going to.)

  • Is this the first time we learned about Grandpa Walker's prostate cancer? Did he decide to give up and die because Gramma Walker was going to leave him? Or because he's afraid the treatment would leave him impotent and Gramma Walker would just keep stepping out on him? I mean, I've learned from killabeez’s comment on my previous Walker post that Gramma may be kind of a stone cold bitch so maybe she would.

  • So the bank robbing gang knew they were being watched by at least one law enforcement officer and said "nah, it's okay, let's go rob the bank anyway?" Is this just because no one can say no to Jared Padalecki?

  • Liam's fiancé just happened to be jogging down the street where Liam was leaving the restaurant? Convenient.

  • I really like Liam and Cordell. I like the way Cordell gives him an affectionate little pat as he walks by (also, son, for someone who is supposed to be an investigator it took you a really long time to realize you had walked into an intervention). This may be heresy, but I particularly like the way they resemble each other a lot more than Sam and Dean do. I know siblings don't have to look alike. You would never guess my sister is related to me. But this family resemblance pleases me, even if it's all in my mind. (Is there a single scene in this episode with both Cordell and Liam's faces in it so I can illustrate? Apparently not.)

  • 86BF7F34-B5AD-4AF5-9771-86F62F31DB96.jpeg
    Liam doesn’t have the adorable ski slope nose, but they do share a similar brow and jaw.)

  • When I first watched this episode, I thought Cordell was in the back seat when Stella drove the truck, and I was dumbfounded that they managed to get him back there without waking him up. And I admit I was wrong, but I'm still dumbfounded that Cordell woke up in the center of the seat and didn't think "wait, I couldn't have been driving."

  • 39A80BA5-187F-4028-9CFF-A5BFAEC48AB4.png
    My poor baby.

  • So it's official - everything bad (other than Emily dying) has happened because of Stella. Can we talk about her gaslighting Cordell into thinking he put her and Augie in danger? Making him think his family would be better off if he weren't there?

  • E4ACDBFC-35DD-4820-BFEE-775DF41AE012.png
    Can we watch this scene and get all kinds of panicky Gadreel!Sam I'm-losing-time vibes? Yes. Yes we can.

  • Can we also talk about Cordell in his funeral suit and his goddamn long legs and his sad face and his curls?

  • 53F515C8-1206-4C5E-A41C-B899C8B00182.png

  • And what about that long sleepy boy on the sofa? Can we talk about this?

  • 25FCA6E8-D6BD-441E-A0D0-8EEFD03C8898.png
    Or can we stop talking and just LOOK?

(Also, I'm not attempting to stay spoiler-free, and I have seen the preview for the next episode, but for the sake of anyone else reading I'm going to ask you not to put spoilers in the comments. It's okay. We know what we know.)
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