caranfindel (caranfindel) wrote,

Initial reaction: Walker 1.16

A few random thoughts about 1.16...

It's funny that they write off Grandpa and Gramma the way SPN used to explain why Cas or Mary weren't in the episode.

I really want to slap the grin off this bad cop's face. Good casting, I guess.

Is Trey's name really Trey? Wouldn't his acceptance letter be addressed to his legal name? And also, he thinks he might not be able to operate, but there are other kinds of doctor, Trey. Most of them actually don't cut people open.

Man, this is two SUVs that have exploded under Captain What's-His-Name's watch. His insurance rates must be insane.

When Liam showed up at Brett's place I assumed he was doing some door-to-door campaigning. And was going to be really bad at it. I was pretty surprised that Brett was still in Austin.

"I heard you're running for DA." How did you figure that out, smart guy? By the sign in your yard?

Okay, maybe it's the neighbor's yard.

There's no way Liam's opponent wouldn't have a red, white, and blue sign. No fucking way.

Does anything say there's someone in the house I don't want you to see more than looking behind you, stepping outside, and closing the door? This was so obvious, Brett.

Captain What's-His-Name's secret conspiracy board room! Complete with red string! {skip}

I think Liam's boss is being blackmailed by Bad Cop and his minions.

Why did Trey go to Cordell's house to ride horses while they have their Manly Talk? Is there a mandated amount of Horse Time per episode?

What time of year is it? Why isn't Stella in school? If it's already summer, she should have found her Application-Worthy Summer Job a long time ago. Also, does anybody actually stuff envelopes by hand any more?

Emotional father/son moment! {skip}

Favorite part of the episode: Cordell's confused face when Stella says "I can't be selfish."

Since when, baby girl? Can you be anything else? Have you tried?

So Stella wasn't going to show anyone her video unless Cordell went back to work? Also, did she actually get out of the car in time to record the cop planting the drugs? (Could go back and look; don't want to.)

If Bad Cop is so sure he'll get out of the charges again, why bother to run? Why not just smile that oily smile again and go willingly?

Liam's boss had a white hat on his wall earlier, but now he wears a black hat! Symbolism!

Micki has a doctor fetish! Bow chicka wow wow! (Inspired by Sam's medical professional fetish, perhaps?)

Aw, Liam's campaign speech! I bet it's amazing. {skip}

But most importantly...

He so pretty.
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