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On further review: “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”

I have just watched 12.06, "Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox" on TNT, and I have some thoughts…

In the montage of Asa making out with various babes in his car, one of those women must have been Tasha Banes.

When Dean bitches at his mom because she's driving around looking up things in John's journal instead of asking her kids about it, I want her to thump him upside the head and say "You were four years old last month! I am not ready to treat you like an adult! Will you just give me a little time to deal with this?"

Jody met Asa "a few months ago" and she's already (1) met his mother and (b) started fantasizing about a life with him? Girl moves fast.

It's interesting that Jody's immediate reaction, when learning Mary is alive, is isn't this awesome? instead of um, my son came back to life too and that turned out not so good, so be careful, guys.

I love these guys with Jody. I really do. She should have been their mom.
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