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Initial reaction to 9.03

Technology failed me again, as I accidentally set the season to record on the non-HD channel rather than the HD version. If you haven't seen non-HD channels on an HD TV, it's not just that they're "not HD." The proportions are screwed up and things are cut off and the colors are muddy and I just... ugh. I had to rewatch on Hulu to get the full effect. And sit through the commercials like a damn animal. But! Enough whining! On with the Show!

(As usual, I have avoided any previews for next week, so it's entirely possible that my speculation has been either proven or disproven already.)

Anyway. I was pleasantly surprised with the way Cas's humanity was portrayed. It was more "Wow, I never realized how much this sucks" and less "what is this urinating thing you speak of?", which would have been annoying as hell. I thought it was actually done pretty well, considering what the writers are capable of.

The things I loved

  • Cas calling himself "Clarence." This filled me with joy.

  • "I'm letting you know. I'm LETTING. YOU. KNOW." Oh, Dean. You are so subtle.

  • "Never do that again." "Okay." Poor Dean. So upset about Cas's death, yet so quick to turn to Sam instead of just-resurrected Cas.

  • "You lied " "I do that." Yes, you do, Dean. Sometimes really well, and sometimes not so much.

  • "I just read pie. The rest is blah blah blah." Never change, Dean.

The things that broke my heart

  • Hungry Cas having to use his money for a tattoo instead of food. Poor baby. Come here and let me cuddle you and feed you and hug you and call you George.


  • Dean realizing Cas is dead.

  • Dean, less than 24 hours later, being forced to choose between Cas and his brother.

The things I didn't love so much

  • Please stop telegraphing with the flashy blue eyes every time Zeke comes forward. It would be so much better if we had to figure it out. I mean, Jared does a good job differentiating between Zeke and Sam, so the flashy blue eyes are really not necessary.

  • Bartholomew. Meh. Boring.

  • Dean hasn't once, in 2 or 3 years, wondered why Meg called Castiel "Clarence?" And he's never seen or even heard of "It's A Wonderful Life?" No, Show. Just no.

Scenes from the Writers' Room, part 1
"Oh, he's going by Clarence. That is so cool."
"Yeah, but I'm worried people won't get it. We should have someone explain what it means. Let's have Dean not understand, and Sam can explain it."
"Seriously? Dean, Mr. Pop Culture Reference? He'd get it. And even if some of the audience misses it... so? I'm sure a lot of our references go over their heads. Don't beat it into the ground. Just let it go."
"But I really want people to see what I'm doing here."
"You're ruining it."
"Rock paper scissors?"
Sigh. "Okay."

  • Reapers. For God's sake, reapers. They can heal? They die like angels? They have vessels?

Scenes from the Writers' Room, part 2
"Hey, don't we have a list somewhere of all the reapers' capabilities and characteristics? Something that says what their powers are, what they can't do, and what they won't do?"
"No, remember, we were looking for that last year and we couldn't find it. I think it got lost with the description of Hell."

The questions that were not answered...

  • I guess Cas didn't go to the bunker because he knew he was being followed, but why didn't he at least call the Winchesters?

  • Why does Dean believe Sam still isn't healed enough to survive without Zeke? And why are we supposed to believe Zeke is strong enough to resurrect Castiel, but can't heal Sam? (Or are we even supposed to believe that? Are we, instead, supposed to be wondering why Dean believes that?)

  • Does Sam believe Dean's ridiculous Zeke-covering lies only because he's suffering from multiple concussions? That would explain a lot.

  • Was Cas really a virgin before he banged April? Personally, I seem to stand alone, but I think it's believable. I think his relationship with Daphne wasn't really a husband/wife relationship - I think she just found this cute naked man wandering in the wilderness and took care of him. And as for Meg, their comment about the pizza man seems to refer to the kiss in Caged Heat to me. Their only other opportunity would have been when he was in the mental hospital and she was his nurse, but he was catatonic pretty much the entire time. There was a brief period after he "woke up" and before the Winchesters got there, so I suppose it's possible they had some sexy time, but it doesn't seem likely with that version of Castiel.

The Big Thing!!!
When Zeke flipped out about Cas being there... my first thought was, how can anybody still think he might be a good guy? But then I thought, maybe that's too obvious? Maybe Show is trying to trick us into thinking he's a big bad, but will reveal he's actually a good guy? And then I went into this whole Princess Bride "I can clearly not pick the goblet closer to me" spiral and it made my head hurt. But seriously. Bring him back from the dead, allow him to be brought home to the bunker, and then freak out about him being there? It's suspicious, Zeke. Just saying.

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