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Rambling thoughts on 9.23 and rambling fic for 9.22

First, I have some thoughts based on very vague spoilers (go ahead and click through if you want, the "spoilers" inside are spoiler-tagged and they're really not particularly spoilery, because I really do try hard to remain pure as the driven snow).

I've seen people theorize that because Jensen said X, they think Y is going to happen:

[Not very spoilery spoiler, X and Y are... (click to open)]X = Something shocking will happen in the last 5 seconds; keep your eyes peeled.
Y = Dean's eyes will go demon black.

I don't believe this, because I just don't think there's any evidence that Y has anything to do with what's happening to Dean right now.

I've also seen Jared said Z is going to happen:

[And Z is...]Sam is going to be shirtless at the beginning of 10.01.

Well, I'm all in favor of this. XD  But if true, it tells us one thing, and it makes me think one other thing.

[Purely speculation...]

It tells us 10.01 immediately follows 9.23, just like 7.01 immediately followed the last episode of S6, because they've already filmed it. And it suggests to me that Sam is injured (or, you know, "dead") and someone's trying to patch him up.

So, that's what I think. And this is why I try to avoid spoilers. Anyway, if you want to talk about any of this, please use the code letters. I want my comments to stay spoiler free. And if you do KNOW something, don't tell me! Don't even tell me you know I'm wrong. Or right. Though I'm probably not right. On second thought, we probably shouldn't talk about it at all. Nothing to see here. Just me freaking out. Carry on. (Aaaaaahhhhhh!)

And the second thing is, I spawned a plot bunny in my last post and I can't get past it until I write it. So here it is. I still kind of hope someone else writes it, only better.

"You gave us order, Castiel," she says, "and we gave you our trust. Don't lose it over one man. This is justice."

The angel grips your shoulder, pulls you away from Dean. Cas steps closer to him. He won't do it, you tell yourself, you keep telling yourself, over the roar of your own panicky heartbeat pounding in your ears. Cas is your friend, Dean's friend.

He balances the blade in his hand.

And it hits you. This is not Cas, the awkward sidekick, the novice hunter. This is Castiel, the fucking angel of the lord. A being older than mankind, more powerful than you can imagine. A cloud of pure energy the size of the Chrysler building, a force so mighty that just looking upon it burns out a human's eyes. A heart (or whatever an angel can be said to have that compares to a heart) so full of guilt over what he has done to Heaven that he would do anything, sacrifice anything, anyone, to undo it. Fingertips that once touched your forehead, shattering the wall that separated you from madness and death, simply to create a distraction in order to fulfill his mission.

He is closer to Lucifer than he is to a human. And Dean is only one man. And you know better than anyone what Castiel the fucking angel of the lord is willing to do when one man stands between him and his master plan. His redemption. His revenge.

And in this moment, you know he is going to kill your brother.

You struggle, you plead, but no one is paying attention to you.

Dean does not struggle or plead. He stares at Castiel as he steps closer, his expression changing from hope to resignation. (He doesn't look at you, doesn't say goodbye. Maybe he doesn't know it's goodbye. Maybe he doesn't care.) He closes his eyes when the angel says "I'm sorry, Dean," and gasps as the silvery blade slips between his ribs. And you must be in shock, because you can't do anything but stand and watch as Hannah releases Dean and he crumples into Castiel, head lolling limply on his shoulder, arms slack, blade falling to the floor with a metallic clatter, and it's done, and Castiel is standing there, holding him (his body, Dean's body), and he turns to you and says "Sam. Sam."

Someone is screaming. It must be you.

"Sam," he repeats. "Take him to the car."

So this is how it ends. Not a bang, but a whimper. A surgical strike. A tactical move. And now an angel telling you to take your brother (his body, your brother's body) to the car, and he's looking at you like you might be next.

You take Dean (Dean's body) in your arms and he should be heavy, you know he's heavy, you've carried and dragged him countless times (always out of the frying pan but right into the fire) and you know the weight of him like you know the weight of your favorite gun, but now he feels like he's made of straw. The luggage you told him to stow, the grief and guilt and anger, so much anger, must have been what was weighing him down. Someone opens a door for you and you step outside. You vaguely hear Castiel issuing orders. You vaguely hear someone sobbing. It must be you.

Dean's bloody shirt clings to you as you put him (his body) in the back seat of the Impala, and you think how annoyed he'll be at the blood all over the upholstery. Someone starts laughing, a high keening hysterical sound that breaks into sobbing.


Castiel is there. You stare at him, dumbfounded, wondering if he came to apologize or to kill you too, or something in between. He fishes the keys out of Dean's jacket pocket and puts them in your hand. "Drive," he says firmly. "Away from here. Now."

Yes, away from here, that seems like a good idea. You slide into the driver's seat (don't look at the empty passenger seat, don't look at Dean {Dean's body} in the back seat) and start the car. Then you hear the back door shut and realize Castiel is sitting in the seat with Dean (Dean's body). He places a hand on Dean's bloody chest and you want to say no, no, this is wrong, leave him alone.

Then he puts his hand on Dean's forehead and Dean gasps back to life. He looks down at his bloody shirt in confusion. Looks at the angel, looks at you. Rubs his right arm absently. "What the fuck, Cas," he says.

You stare in the rear view mirror. Your friend Cas stares back at you. "It's okay, Sam," he smiles.

It's not okay. It's actually pretty damn far from okay. But you drive on, because that's all you know to do.
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