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9.04 Initial reaction

After reading a few reviews I can see most people liked this episode more than I did. I didn't hate it, and in fact it had a lot of moments that I loved, but on the whole, it just kind of left me wanting more. Not more of this; more of something else. (Also? This is the first season I've watched in real time, and it really sucks not being able to say "Eh, that was okay, but I bet the next one will be better" and then immediately start watching the next one. Oh well. First world problems.)

Things I loved

  • Sam slamming down paper and crayon (CRAYON!!!  \o/) in front of Crowley without a word.

  • "Did you think of that yourself?" "Do you see anybody else in here?" OH THE GUILT!!

  • Dean bought GoT for Sam! \o/

  • "Bollocks!"

  • Badass female hunter from the past.

  • More bunker!!! Sam's room!!! \o/

  • Crowley whistling "Over the Rainbow."

  • "It sounded a bit like hhhiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss."

  • "I just cleaned up in here!" Domestic Dean makes my heart go pitter patter.

  • Dean picks saving a friend over the hunt. Of course he does. Dean may say what's dead should stay dead, but we all know he doesn't mean it.

  • The boys having a Deep Meaningful Conversation in the middle of a hunt. Reminded me of the episode where Benny goes after his maker and Dean and Sam have that ridiculous phone call. I was waiting for one of them to say "Would you stop talking?"

  • Sam finally notices Something Fishy is Going On Here. Who's Zeke? Who indeed, Sam? And why do you keep waking up and finding something miraculous has happened while you were out? Why, Sam?

  • Sam hugs Charlie instead of hanging back and letting Dean get all the love.

Things I didn't love

  • Everyone pretty blithely accepted that Oz was real. Seems like at least one person (Dean) would have been all, "Seriously? Oz?" And then someone else (Sam) would have explained that L. Frank Baum was actually some kind of known mystic/hunter and blah blah blah it makes perfect sense.

  • Dorothy was awfully blase about suddenly ending up 75 years in the future. Shouldn't there have been even a tiny bit of angst? Or, conversely, some joy at being released from her own version of the cage?

  • Sam doesn't feel like the bunker is home. Watch out for falling anvils.

  • I really, really hate the concept of the Supernatural books being out there (though Sam's reaction to BeckyWinchester172 was hilarious. Bells? No, I have no bells.)

  • A jar holding the Wicked Witch is just left on a shelf behind the computer? Dude. Those early MoLs were rather careless.

  • Possessed!Dean and Possessed!Sam were awkward and clunky.

  • Hello, product placement! (Also, is there anything Charlie can't do?

Things I need to catch on rewatch

  • Did Zeke really say the witch was "hanging around the bunker?" That's not something Zeke would say. He barely even uses contractions, let along a casual phrase like "hanging around."

  • When Dean was going through the things he found in the bunker (from the flashback), did he really find that key? If so, that would be truly awesome. And if not, I still like that they included the actual scene from last season.

Questions that were not answered

  • Kevin needed a break from the bunker (understandable) so suddenly it's safe for him to leave? Dean drove him all the way to Branson and left him in a warded hotel room? If he's going to stay in the hotel room, couldn't he do it in Kansas?

  • The witch was subject to the power of the devil's trap, but the anti-possession tattoos didn't stop her?

  • Sam was possessed by the witch while serving as Zeke's vessel? I guess he couldn't kick her out because he was weakened by saving Charlie?

  • How did Dean get rid of Cas and leave Sam under the impression that it was Cas's idea to leave? While Sam was right there the whole time? The only way this could happen would be if Dean convinced Cas that Sam shouldn't be told the real reason. And how would that work?

Scenes from the writers' room
"How, exactly, is Dean going to get rid of Cas without Sam finding out why?"
"I don't know. Can't we just skip that part?"
"Seems kind of lazy, being a major emotional turning point and all."
"Well, if we wait long enough, someone will fanfic it for us and we can show it in a flashback."
The Zeke situation
I continue to lean toward Zeke being a bad guy. They did demonstrate that his power is diminished after healing, but I'm still finding it hinky that he claims Sam will die if he leaves him. Also, again with the flashy blue eyes. It's not necessary.

Finally... As monicawoe pointed out, if they get the map table to track angels, isn't it going to show there's an angel in the bunker? Is this going to be the reveal? I can see the look of horror and realization on Sam's face... "Dean... there's an angel here! In the bunker!" Yeah, I think I want this to happen.
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