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Four weeks of polls: Most rewatchable episodes of season 6

ETA... technical difficulties hopefully fixed?

It's time to pick the most rewatchable episode of season 6! As always, you can pick as many episodes as you want in the first round; we'll narrow it down later. Send your friends and followers - the more votes, the more scientifically accurate it is! Please vote by midnight (your time zone) on Tuesday, September 16.

And in case you've forgotten, here are the episode descriptions:

Exile on Main St. - Sam's alive! And hunting with his dead grandfather! And Dean doesn't know! And caranfindel sits there with her mouth hanging open saying "WTF?"

Two and a Half Men - Dean's adorable with a cute shifter baby, Sam's kind of a dick, and Shifter!Sam brings us one of the hottest flavors of Sam EVER.

The Third Man - Someone has stolen the Staff of Moses, we meet Balthazar, and Sam's douchemobile is destroyed.

Weekend at Bobby's - Bobby tortures a demon, helps Rufus bury a body, yells at the boys, outwits Crowley, and finally gets to eat his cobbler.

Live Free or Twihard - Sam watches Dean get turned into a vampire, and that's just messed up.

You Can't Handle the Truth - The goddess of truth gives Dean a curse that forces others to tell him the truth, except Sam of course, because something's wrong with him.

Family Matters - Cas reveals Sam's soul is missing, the brothers find out Samuel is capturing Alphas for Crowley, and they're blackmailed into helping.

All Dogs Go to Heaven - A skinwalker poses as a family dog, and Soulless!Sam is suddenly delightful, because soul or no soul, that's funny.

Clap Your Hands If You Believe... - Alien abduction! Banging patchouli! Nipples! The fourth kind is a butt thing! Did you service Oberon, king of the faeries?

Caged Heat - Soulless Sam tricks Cas, reads Meg like a book, chews through his own wrist, and is generally kind of wonderful, and Cas learns something from the pizza man.

Appointment in Samarra - Dean makes a deal with Death to get Sam's soul back, while Sam does all he can to make sure it doesn't work.

Like a Virgin - Sam gets his soul back and the brothers go after a dragon.

Unforgiven - Turns out Soulless!Sam was a naughty boy and now the sherrif, who got turned into a giant spider, wants revenge.

Mannequin 3: The Reckoning - A haunted kidney brings mannequins to life.

The French Mistake - Dean's a painted whore, Sam married fake Ruby, and that's fake me, so this must be fake mine!

...And Then There Were None - The Khan Worm (Khaaaaaaannn!!!) kills Rufus, and Gwen and Samuel Campbell are ganked as well, but do we care about them? Not particularly.

My Heart Will Go On - Balthazar and Castiel change the past, and Bobby and Ellen are an adorable couple until Fate makes everyone change things back.

Frontierland - Dean and Sam go back in time to get phoenix ash, and it's a lot germier than expected.

Mommy Dearest - Eve and the Jefferson Starships are destroyed, and it turns out Crowley is alive - and working with Castiel.

The Man Who Would Be King - Cas reveals how he got to this point, and you know who spies, Cas? SPIES.

Let it Bleed - Turns out there's a door to Purgatory, and for some reason Dean thinks erasing Ben and Lisa's memories of him will keep them safe.

The Man Who Knew Too Much - Sam's wall has been broken and he has to defeat his other selves, and Castiel becomes God.

This poll is closed.

Which episodes of season 6 do you like to rewatch?

Exile on Main St.
Two and a Half Men
The Third Man
Weekend at Bobby's
Live Free or Twihard
You Can't Handle the Truth
Family Matters
All Dogs Go to Heaven
Clap Your Hands If You Believe...
Caged Heat
Appointment in Samarra


Like a Virgin
Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
The French Mistake
...And Then There Were None
My Heart Will Go On
Mommy Dearest
The Man Who Would Be King
Let It Bleed
The Man Who Knew Too Much
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