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Four weeks of polls: Narrowing down the most rewatchable episode of S6

Season 6 is a difficult one for me. I wasn't watching in real time, so I started it right after Swan Song (literally, immediately after) and I guess that's why I had such a hard time with it. Swan Song ended so perfectly, with Sam's love for Dean and his sacrifice and then we get to 6.01 and, hello? Sam's really a dick. I had a hard time getting past that, and each episode left me progressively more unhappy and confused. But once it became apparent that something was really wrong with Sam, that he wasn't just being written as a jerk under the new management, I was okay with it. And then, when it was revealed he was without a soul, and he stopped trying to be so careful about everything he said because he didn't need to hide it any more, Soulless Sam became my soul animal. (Clap Your Hands If You Believe is, IMHO, the pinnacle of his soul-free snarky wonderfulness. But Caged Heat is pretty amazing too.)

Anyway, because season 6 was problematic for me, I haven't really rewatched many episodes, even if you get past the early troubling ones. But I'm kind of into it now. For example, Frontierland was one that I only halfway watched, while I was doing other things, so I finally watched it again recently and gave it my full attention, and holy crap, it is ALL KINDS OF WONDERFUL. The guys are SO cute. Dean's face in the "posse magnet" scene? Sam being kind of befuddled and amused most of the time? Dean in a duster (rawr)? Sam as a "giant from the future" impressing Samuel Colt? CANDYGRAM FOR MONGO!!!!!????? I need to spend a lot more time rewatching Frontierland. I also just rewatched The Man Who Knew Too Much and I forgot how much I love, love, love Sam in that episode. Soulless Sam, regular Sam, the Sam who remembers Hell, they are all beautiful and perfect and wonderful.

I think the results of the first round of this poll show that there are several really good episodes of S6 that most of us like - we don't normally have so many episodes clustered at the top of the rankings - and several that don't have as many fans. So maybe S6 is problematic for you, too. If so, I've been following Mark Watches as he makes his way through the entire series, and his reviews of season 6 are helping me appreciate it more.

So, what do YOU think of season 6? Here are the episodes you considered most rewatchable. Please make your selection by midnight (your time zone) on Saturday, September 27.

(also, a very happy birthday to paperbackwriter!)

This poll is closed.

What's the most rewatchable episode of season 6?

Weekend at Bobby's
Clap Your Hands If You Believe...
Appointment in Samarra
The French Mistake
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