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Four weeks of polls: One poll to rule them all

It's been an interesting four weeks of polls. We've learned that most of you will end up buying the S8 DVD, and that there is no overwhelmingly popular way you watch the show while it's airing. We've learned that everyone finds one or more versions of John Winchester attractive, and that on a scale of "awful" to "just trying to keep his family alive," you find he's slightly on the good side of that scale (average 5.81 on a scale of 1 to 10). We've learned that you all thought I should watch the racist truck episode, and I've forgiven you for that. We've learned that, in general, you're twisted enough (like me) to really like it when Sam is Not!Sam, and that your favorite version of this is Meg. We've learned that Sam's sex scenes are better than Dean's (oh, wait, maybe that's just me), and that our favorite partners are Ruby and Anna (the demon and the angel, how fitting). And we've learned that the most rewatchable episode of season 6 is Clap Your Hands If You Believe.

There's just one question left to ask, my friends...

Pick one:

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