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9.06 Initial reaction is... Not particularly reactive?

So, I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Usually after I watch an episode, my reaction is either "OMG, can't wait to watch that again" or "Yeah, I think I'm gonna rewatch a good one just to cleanse my palate." This one was just... "Huh. Okay." I guess it got some things moving, so that's a good thing.

Good things

  • Kevin! Kevin and Sam working together! God, Sam is so much taller than Kevin. They are completely adorable together. I want them to have a spinoff where they run around solving crimes in a minivan. 

  • Dean quickly taking advantage of Kevin's accusation that he's just trying to get out of research. Dean, you transparent SOB, I love you so much. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT THIS ROAD IS PAVED WITH AND YOU KNOW WHERE IT'S GOING.

  • Crowley throwing the crumpled paper at Sam, and Sam's beautiful frustrated bitchface reaction. SAM, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DON'T EVER CHANGE. EXCEPT MAYBE TO EJECT THAT ANGEL.

  • Kevin jabbing that giant hypodermic needle into his arm (and let's just pretend he actually jabbed it in the general vicinity of a vein, okay?). He truly is becoming a Winchester.

  • Castiel is learning to be human but isn't a complete bumbling idiot. In fact, he's very good at what he does (slushee machine aside).

  • Cas singing the theme from "Greatest American Hero." For those of you not old enough to remember this show (i.e., everyone but me), it was about an ordinary guy who becomes a superhero. So having someone who was basically a superhero, and is now an ordinary guy, sing it? Oh, Show. I love it when you're clever.

  • BAMF Cas cutting his hand with the thorn to make an angel banishing sigil.

Annoying things

  • I'm pretty sure the splatter of a vaporized human wouldn't be Pepto Bismol pink.

  • Why is Dean so damn thoughtless regarding Cas? Making fun of his job (what did you expect him to do when you kicked him out of the bunker, join the Marines?), driving him to a crime scene and then getting annoyed when he needed a ride back, and just generally being kind of a dick.

  • The theme from "Greatest American Hero" is stuck in my head and it WILL. NOT. STOP. PLAYING.

  • Sam has a roll of giant reusable hypodermic syringes? I hope he's replacing the needles on those things.

  • Sam, you're going to make a deal with Crowley? Didn't Dean just tell you not to do that?

  • All the times we've seen Sam solemnly close those giant double doors, and he just happens to leave them open when Crowley's doing something worth watching?

  • The "I thought we were going on a date but I was actually asked to babysit" cliche? Seriously, Show, we're going there? And it was SO poorly done. That woman (I can't even bother to remember her name) was really the worst communicator ever on this show. Yes, on THIS show. That's saying a lot.

Scenes from the Writers' Room
We need to come up with some embarrassing, typical human thing to happen to Cas.
God, I have the worst hangover. Let's just watch ABC Family for a while and I'm sure something will come to us.

Unanswered questions - in a bad way

  • So, we're okay with Crowley knowing the content of the angel tablet now?

  • Crowley's injecting himself with Kevin's blood? Why was there any blood left in the syringe? I mean, that was a huge bowl of blood - it looked like at least half a pint to me.

  • Why was Abaddon at Castle Storage? Does Show think we're forgotten about Castle Storage?

  • Cas recognizes Ephraim's work from the spray of unrealistically pink guts? Are angels always in human vessels when they're at war? Or does the destruction of an angel in its true form also result in an unrealistic pink splatter?

Unanswered questions - in an intriguing way

  • Why did Crowley want Kevin's blood instead of Sam's?

  • Did Crowley really want to talk to Abaddon at all, or was the whole thing a ruse to get Kevin's blood?

  • Is Metatron's spell really permanent, or was Crowley lying?

Color meta
galwithglasses has really piqued my interest in the way Show uses color to signal danger, victims, friends, and foes. Sam's shirt in his first scene really jumped out at me - white with blue and red plaid. Team Free Will generally wears blue and red, but red is also the color of demons. Kevin continues to wear green, which is sometimes associated with victims. And that's as far as I get! Can't wait to see what she has to say about it.

The Zeke situation
Show went to a lot of trouble to remind us of the Zeke situation during the "Then," but didn't really address it in the episode itself. I guess they just wanted us to not forget? There was a subtle nod, when Dean didn't want Sam to accompany him on his trip. I assumed he was going to talk to Cas about Zeke. Honestly, it took me way too long to figure out that it's simply that he still needs to keep Sam and Cas apart because he's told them different stories (Also, Sam, if you're so worried about Cas, pick up the damn phone. Jeez.). When we saw Sam on the phone near the end, he was facing away from the camera and there was a blue light on his face - I expected this to be Zeke-related, but I guess it was just the light from his phone. But why not show Sam's face? Anyone else find that odd?

OMG, guys, what if Crowley knows Sam's been touched by an angel, and he didn't want angel blood???

As always, I am unspoiled for next week. I don't even know the episode title. Please don't spoil me!!! :-)
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