caranfindel (caranfindel) wrote,

Because I can't stop posting about Reichenbach...

Things you might have missed

frozen_delight noticed this awesome little thing between Dean and Crowley (scroll down to the comment) that I had missed and you must check it out because it's adorable.

And galwithglasses spotted a moose in an unexpected place which is surely a love letter (or at least a wink) to the fans. (And if you scroll down into the comments, there's a possible squirrel sighting too!)

Something that's been bugging me

I'm kind of unhappy with the way Hannah was portrayed in 10.02. Not because I'm tired of the angel storyline (though I still am, sorry) but because she's too human. She sees Cas fall asleep on the couch and you know, this is unheard of for angels. A sleeping angel is a nonangel. Is a dead angel. So her first instinct shouldn't have been to cover him with his coat, it should have been to poke him to see if he's alive. Then she watches him with the little girl and yes, it's precious. If you're human. If you're a human heterosexual female, you're going to see an attractive man being all adorable with a kid and your hormones are going to jump up and say "Urgh! Good genes, and does not eat baby! He will drag me back to cave and we will mate furiously and produce many babies!" If you're human. But why would an angel watch this and feel all squishy?

(Disclaimer: I am not an angel. Watching Cas with the little girl did make me feel all squishy. But I want to see Cas take care of Sam. Somebody needs to take care of Sam, dammit. That would make me feel super squishy.)

Something that just occurred to me

Cole now thinks his father was killed by a demon. That makes the whole thing even more sad.

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