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10.07 Initial reaction: I get it. That was your story.

The good, the bad, the questions.

So, this one was all over the place to me. I found the witch and the girls to be utterly tiresome, so I'm going to ignore them. (Also, Rowena's accent was so weird that I thought it was French at first.)

On the other hand, Show found a way to make me care about Hannah, which was a pleasant surprise. From very early on, I thought it was odd that Hannah was picking up human traits so quickly, and Show finally (and neatly) explained it - she's feeling some of what her vessel is feeling. I assume she's gone for good now, though she's back in Heaven, right? It's not like Cas will never see her again, she just doesn't want to make a vessel suffer. And now Cas is wondering about his own vessel! This storyline raises some interesting questions (which have, of course, been raised before):

Is Jimmy Novak dead? Was he killed at the end of Swan Song? Or did God resurrect him when he resurrected Castiel?

Why did Gadreel say Sam could eject him if he wanted to, but Caroline was unable to eject Hannah? Was Sam just extra special, even though he was so weak that Gadreel was the only thing keeping him alive? Did Caroline just not realize that all she had to do was tell Hannah to get out?

I also loved Sam dealing with the girl in the closet - he wasn't going to shoot her unless she actually broke the door down and attacked him, even though she could clearly kick his adorable little ass and he was potentially putting himself in danger by waiting until the last possible second. Oh, Sammy. You precious little thing.

The dead demon melting into a puddle of black goo was interesting. And what is a demon's native form? Are they always black clouds, or is that only when they transition? What do demons look like in Hell?

Other things I liked:

  • “Nice screen name, Dean. Impala67.

  • Embarrassed/flustered Cas.

  • “I’m evil. This is tacky.”

  • “I don’t read Spanish.” “It’s Latin.”

  • Dead bellman. Well, not that I like the poor bellman being dead, but it was very clever.

  • Dean gets a face full of holy water. Again.

  • “King of what? Lilliput?”

  • And there was a lot to like at the end of the episode. The return of angry little Cole. Kind, battered Dean. Angry, protective Sam. Poor Cole finally figures out how to hunt demons, and he's too late. Is this the last of him? I really didn't expect his arc to end so quickly. If it's really over, I'm a little disappointed. I liked the guys having a human nemesis. And I still find it difficult to believe that Dean wouldn't have told teenage Cole why he'd murdered his father.

    I'm struck that Dean said his story will end "at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun." He's convinced he'll be killed by a human, and not a monster? Why is that?

    Things I found kind of ridiculous:

  • Dean uses his real name on the dating app
  • The waiter tells Rowena and the girls, after they’re seated and have drinks, that they don’t meet the dress code. If that were the case, they wouldn’t have made it in the door.

  • So, I don't really have strong feelings about this episode either way. It's still been an extraordinary season so far, and I thought this was going to be the inevitable turd in the punchbowl, but I'm glad to see I was wrong. (But we know it's coming.)

    As always, I'm unspoiled for next week, including the previews - please help me stay that way!

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