caranfindel (caranfindel) wrote,

10.08 Drabble

10.08 - Hibbing 911

She should be terrified, but honestly, she’s kind of excited. Yes, it turns out the world is a lot bigger and darker than she thought it was. But finding out that there’s more out there than drunk teens and stolen cars and her douche of an ex? A world of vampires and machetes and hot guys with fake names and Jody as her mentor? Yeah, it’s exciting.

Speaking of the hot guys… Sam (if that’s his real name) kind of looks like he discovered something big and dark too. And he’s not excited. Strange. Surely he already knew about vampires.

My drabbles are part of a fic challenge now. Read about it here.

Tags: 10.08 hibbing 911, challenge, drabble, fic: donna branscum, my fic, supernatural

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