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10.14 Initial reaction: I'm their bitch

Guys. Guys.

I haven't read anyone else's review, and for all I know, you all hated this one. But I loved it.

I was absolutely unspoiled for this episode, but the "Then" informed us that Cain will be back. And the show runners said "Hey, those of you who were surprised to hear Cain still has his Mark? Did you not notice this, which happened after he transferred the Mark to Dean?"

That's just way too subtle, Show.

We begin with a skeevy guy on death row and a mysterious dark guy walking down a mysteriously dark hall and appearing in his cell and Jesus H. Christ, did Cain look this good the last time we saw him? Because he's kind of hot now.

Hot Cain tells the skeevy guy he's there to kill him AND save him. And then kills him. (Also, I love his voice.)

Ah, but speaking of hot, here are our guys in suits and overcoats, and I believe I've mentioned how much I like that look, but let me reiterate it here. Yum. Even with the toilet in the foreground.

They're investigating the mysterious disappearance of skeevy inmate, and the prison warden shows them a video of the mysteriously dark guy in the mysteriously dark hall. Omundson has a pretty disctinctive profile, so I can buy that Dean recognizes him immediately. And Sam notices how he clutches his arm in distress.

Cut to Cas torturing a redhead demon who turns out to be a real wuss, because one slash across his arm - and it's mostly shirt - and he talks. And then gets killed. I missed you, BAMF Castiel. By the way, Cas is wearing a striped tie. What's the deal with his ties? Why was he tieless for a while, and now he has a new one?

Then we switch to Crowley, who is bored out of his mind listening to another redhead demon whine about wanting credit and if I cared, I'd see if he's related to the previous demon, because they sure look alike. But I don't, because Rowena's there, doing her thing, and Crowley's still falling for it, and I'm over it. She suggests he kill the demon instead, and it's a bad day to be a ginger demon, and can we hope another ginger is going to bite the dust tonight? Please?

Also, poor Crowley. You can station a pretty long-haired boy at your side but that does not make you Dean Winchester.

Back to the real Dean and Sam. Dean's eating. Make of that what you will. (At least this time he's not ogling pretty girls young enough to be his daughter, and I don't mean his freakishly aged Amazon daughter.) They've figured out that skeevy inmate's father is also missing, and then Cas calls from Cain's garden of shallow graves to inform them that skeevy inmate is probably dead. Along with a lot of other people. Oh, and look. Here's Cain. Yeah, he's definitely hotter than he was last year. (And did I mention I love his voice? He's definitely more interesting than he was on Psych.)

After being forced to defend himself against Abaddon's demons, he's become bloodthirsty again (so much for the "Cain resisted it, so can you" plan). He says he's killing his children, "my whole poisoned issue," and I presume he's referring to his symbolic children, as the "father of murder," since Cain had no actual descendants. But he's not just killing murderers, he's wiping out their whole families. He assures Cas that Dean can't be cured, because there is no cure, and that Dean is on his list of poisoned issue. "Don't worry about Dean. I'll get to him in due time." So Cain is driven by the Mark to kill people, and Dean is a target? I like this turn of events!

More Crowena nonsense. Next!

Cas is in the bunker, giving the bad news about Cain. Dean's in his demon red shirt. Make of that what you will. And they find out skeevy inmate has a son that Cain hasn't managed to kill yet. Road trip! For some reason, Sam and Cas don't immediately understand why Dean wants to go where they know Cain is going to be killing a 12-year-old. Really, guys, why did you think you were looking for him in the first place?

Dean packs up all sorts of weapons that aren't going to do anything against Cain, and explains that it's his fault the guy is killing again (of course it is, because everything is Dean's fault, except the things that really are his fault) and that he promised to kill him. Sam is adorably concerned and points out that using the Blade against Cain is not going to end well, and that even if he wins, he may "never come back from that fight." Which Dean knows, of course.

(Here's Sam being adorably concerned. Come here, baby. Let me hug you and make it all better.)

Dean calls Crowley to get the Blade (he's still labeled "Not Moose" on Crowley's phone, which fills me with joy) and tells him "Cain has a kill list, and you're on it." Which was confusing until I saw Dean's little "I'm totally making this up" eyebrow move. Heh.

Crowley agrees to provide the Blade. This greatly annoys Mommy Dearest, who immediately suspects he's involved with "your wee pal, the Winchester boy," and says "you honestly think they're your friends, that they care about you?" And of course, deep inside his black little heart, he does. He says it's because they have a common enemy, but I really think he wants to believe there's some kind of connection. You know what would be awkward, and would probably break his heart? If Crowley found out Dean lied to him and used him just to get the Blade. Yep, it sure would.

Cut to Ohio, where Sam's concerned about using the kid as bait. Now I'm not sure if this entire conversation was a con, or if they only figured out Plan B when Crowley showed up. I suspect it's the latter, because Crowley provided the magic to make the illusion needed to fool Cain. I suppose it's possible they worked it all out and then Crowley came back and pretended he was just now arriving to have that conversation. More importantly, Dean and Sam have a nice brotherly moment where Dean admits he's scared and not ready to die, or I guess to face whatever happens if he lives. Then Cain shows up and it's showtime! Castiel's angel mojo is useless against him, as is Sam's closed barn door (but you've still got to enjoy watching him close it and looking all panicky), but Crowley's illusion does the trick, and Cain is pinned inside the Devil's trap on the floor of the barn. He says it won't hold him long, and I don't know why that is, but it doesn't matter, because Dean's revealed to be lurking outside.

The pre-fight conversation reminds me a little bit of the one in Swan Song, with Crowley in Bobby's place. Sam volunteers to help Dean fight the demon, but Dean points out that he'd be a liability. Unlike the last time he said this, he specifies that he'd be too worried about what Cain could do to him. "Or what I could." Oh Sammy!

But also, he needs the three of them outside to "take out whatever comes out of there. And I'm serious. Whatever comes out." Crowley says he'll do it "happily," which is meant to be supportive, but kind of sounds like "sure, if you come out of there evil, I'll happily take you out." Which is anything but supportive. I guess? I don't know. This show does weird things to normal social mores. The point is, Crowley seems to enjoy being part of the team. He gives Dean the Blade after not really getting a guarantee he'll get it back (but don't worry, Crowley, I'm sure that's not going to be an issue later) and Dean points out that if he survives and doesn't give it back, they'll all have a much bigger problem on their hands. Is Dean going dark again? Please go dark again, Dean. And then Dean holds the Blade and is obviously affected by it and Sam is so concerned about him and dammit, Show, you're breaking my heart here.

There is, of course, some monologuing before the big battle. Cain spends a lot of time scraping straw away to expose the Devil's trap, which makes me think something's going to happen with it, but it doesn't. His bloodline comes up again, and he says that not all killers are his descendants, and not all of his descendants are killers. Which is technically impossible, since, again, no descendants. But we'll let that slide. Dean and Cain's fight is a lot like Demon!Dean's fight with Cole, in that Dean gets the crap beat out of him by a man who isn't even using a weapon. Cain senses that Dean is holding back, trying not to lose himself to the Mark and the Blade, and he points out that it just ain't gonna happen, son. And that the reason he didn't kill Cas at his own personal graveyard was because he knew Cas would report to Dean, and he's show up with the Blade, and that's exactly what he wanted. And now he's going to kill Dean to save him from his fate. But first, more monologuing...

"Has it ever occured to you, have you ever mused upon the fact that you're living my life in reverse? My story began when I killed my brother and that's where your story inevitably will end." Cain explains that Dean would kill Crowley first, and "there'd be some strange mixed feelings on that one," and yes, I think there would. And I think Crowley would be glad to hear that. And then he'd kill Castiel, and that would be awful, but not as awful as the final murder, "the murder you'd never survive, the one that would finally turn you into as much of a savage as it did me." And by killing Dean, Cain is saving him from that fate. But what he doesn't count on is Dean grabbing his knife and cutting off his hand, and whoa! Thought I was being Kripke'd there for a minute! Or is that Jossed? Anyway. Cain has been disarmed (heh) and now Dean has to kill him, but he doesn't want to, because he knows what it will do to him. And Cain's not going to help him out of this.

"Tell me that I don't have to do this. Tell me that you'll stop. Tell me that you can stop."
"I'll never stop."

The heartbreaking thing is that there are two meanings to this conversation. On its face, Dean is saying "tell me I don't have to kill you." But he's also asking Cain to "tell me I don't have to go dark, that you can stop, which means I'll be able to stop too." And he doesn't get the answer he wants.

(Also? Once again, Dean looks really good when he's a little bit bloody.)

And Cain bows his head and Dean swallows his fear and his grief and the knowledge that this act will fuck him up for the rest of his life, and performs the execution and no, I'm not feeling even slightly emotional about this, why do you ask?

(Damn you, Jensen.)

Dean heads downstairs to where the rest of TFW+1 is waiting, and why are they downstairs? When Sam led the kid into the barn, it was at ground level. Oh well. I'm gonna let that slide because my God. Dean is so broken and Sam is so tense and worried and relieved and I think I need to watch this again. Crowley requests the Blade and Dean hesitates long enough that I really think he's going to kill him, and I had my head in my hands saying "don't kill Crowley, don't kill Crowley", but he doesn't - he gives the Blade to Cas and tells Crowley that he lied to him and poof, Crowley out. Now, why does Dean admit he lied about Crowley not really being on Cain's list? At first I thought maybe he felt guilty, maybe he was confessing his sins, but honestly it just looks like he wanted to poke Crowley. Which I suspect is going to bite him in the ass later. Poor Crowley, who just wants to be loved, looks so betrayed, and even Cas looks surprised that Dean would do such a thing to him. But that's soon left behind because we get this! Dean collapsing into Sam's arms! And all is right with the world.

Back in Hell, or I guess the Earth branch of Hell, Crowley finds Mummy's lost any shred of respect she had for him. Because those Winchesters? "You're their bitch." Oh, Fairgus. Will you never learn, wee boy? Yep. This is gonna be ugly.

And in the bunker, Sam earnestly tells Dean how incredible he is. If Dean can do that, can defeat Cain without losing himself to the Mark, isn't that a cause for hope? (Let's see Sam's earnest face. You're welcome.)

(Earnest Sam. How I love you.)

Dean agrees, and affectionately slaps Cas on the shoulder as he leaves the room. But look at his face, once his back is to Sam and Cas. I'm sorry, I could only get a blurry cap, but this is not the tired yet hopeful face of a man who did something incredible and now is going to sleep for four days. This face reminds me a lot of the "I just realized I'm not a demon but I still have the Mark so I'm still completely screwed" face we saw in Soul Survivor.

And Sam knows it, because we end with concerned Sam (another flavor of Sam I love) saying "Dean's in trouble."

So. Was this a perfect ep? No. Like most episodes, it could have used more Sam. But the Sam it did have was SO good. And it could have used less Rowena. But at least she seemed to advance the plot. But damn, it was good. Cain is fascinating and I'm sorry to see him go - I would have loved a few episodes of him hunting Sam and Dean. I even love the title. If you didn't know, The Executioner's Song is about executed murderer Gary Gilmore. It's a fascinating book (and a great movie as well). And coincidentally, Gary Gilmore, who surely had evil in his blood, and butted heads with his father every day of his life, had a brother named Michael (spelled Mikal, okay, but work with me) who followed the rules. Remind you of anyone? Because everything comes back to Supernatural. (Plus, Gilmore Girls. Hee.)

As always, I'm unspoiled for the next episode; please help me stay that way!

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