caranfindel (caranfindel) wrote,

I can't even save myself

In which I complain about many things, some of which are SPN-related but none of which are actual complaining about SPN or contain spoilers for any part of S10.

(The title is from "Save Yourself" by Breaking Westward because yes, not only am I stealing song lyrics for fic titles, but for general journal entry titles as well, because I'm JUST THAT UNINSPIRED.)

1. I think they need to add a new diagnosis to the DSM. I think I'm clinically annoyed. Kind of like being clinically depressed, but instead of depression, it's this free-floating annoyance at everyone and everything and it never really goes away. (Or could it just be that I'm surrounded by annoying people and things? No, it's probably me.)

2. I need to get up ridiculously early tomorrow and therefore I really should go to bed ridiculously early tonight rather than watching Supernatural and maybe someday that will happen but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY. And it would mean I'd have to stay offline tomorrow to remain unspoiled and I'm not prepared to do that, because tomorrow is going to be a long and boring day and I'll need some internet to keep me sane.

3. I got spoiled for this week's episode of Better Call Saul; come on Yahoo, can't you make your stupid headlines just a tiny bit vague? Also, OH MY GOD, BETTER CALL SAUL. How can I watch a show where a younger brother is trying to emulate his older brother without reading Sam and Dean into it and then JESUS CHRIST. MY HEART. (My policy on spoilers applies to Better Call Saul as well, so if you want to discuss it in the comments, please pretend you haven't seen the preview for next week's episode.)

4. I need to STEP AWAY FROM THE TUMBLR because, once again, SPOILERS. GODDAMMIT. (But themegalosaurus I want your Dr. Cara gif and I can't download it on my phone!)

5. I have a Mark-related fic (CRAP SHE'S WRITING ANOTHER ONE, SOMEONE MAKE HER STOP) in the works and I wanted to get it done before tonight's ep and that's not going to happen, and I'm afraid whatever happens tonight will make it completely moot, like when I assumed only one person at a time could have the Mark and wrote a whole fic using that and then Show was like, "nope."

6. I have this other fic I've been working on for a while, and I was going to try to finish it for the upcoming Big Bang, but in the meanwhile I claimed a prompt for yet another fic because it was calling my name, and it turns out it's going to have a scene that's VERY, VERY close to a scene in my potential BB fic, and I'm not sure I'd want both of them to come out so close together, so I might just let the BB slide. But that makes me sad. And also relieved since I don't know if I could get it done in time in the first place.

7. My phone can't access my email for some reason. This is frustrating and inconvenient. AND ANNOYING. BUT WHAT ISN'T?


8. I never dream about Supernatural, but I did last night. Sam died and someone picked him up to put him in the back of a truck and rigor mortis had set in and he was stiff as a board, like, they picked him up by the torso and his legs were sticking out straight and motionless, and I thought how cool it was that they'd obviously made a mannequin that looked exactly like Jared, and then after they put him in the truck his face moved and he opened his eyes and I was all, shit, Jared, that's some pretty good acting. This one isn't exactly a complaint, I guess. Maybe my clinical annoyance is starting to resolve.

(And I don't think it IS all me. Because my annoying coworker is SO LOUD AND ANNOYING RIGHT NOW.)

(Yes, I am writing this at work.)

And how is your Wednesday going?

Tags: chat, real life, shows that are not supernatural, supernatural, writing about writing

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