caranfindel (caranfindel) wrote,

10.20 On further review

Yes, I'm rethinking things already!

My initial reaction to Dean telling Claire that Jimmy's sacrifice let Castiel save the world was "Oh, that's nice." Because it was nice, that her father's death meant something. She needed to hear that. And honestly, it was nice that Dean was giving credit to Cas for once, since it seems like he has a habit of using him and maybe not being as appreciative as he should. Or perhaps just not expressing that appreciation.

And then I got on Tumblr and said, well. Huh. Because some of my Tumblr friends are seething right now.

Why didn't it occur to me that by saying what he did, Dean was denying Sam's role? Because I absolutely didn't take it that way until it was pointed out to me by a cadre of angry Sam!Girls. Why was I not one of those angry Sam!Girls?

What do you guys think?

Tags: 10.20 angel heart, on further review, season 10, supernatural
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