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Happy thoughts (and recs) on a Monday morning

I had a couple of conversations about the royal baby this weekend, and it was SO HARD not to say "And she was born on Sam Winchester's birthday!!!" My Tumblr and LJ have been full of Sam Winchester, for obvious reasons. I haven't had a chance to look at much of it but some time in the next couple of days I'm going to sit down and scroll until my eyes bleed. And it will be marvelous.

I'm way, way behind on LJ but I've managed to read a few things. I keep saying I'm not a slash fan (and I keep saying "I keep saying I'm not a slash fan") but over the past few days I've read three truly marvelous slashy fics that I can't not recommend, probably because they're from three of the best writers out there - less than 3333 by kalliel, Come Sail Away by indiachick, and Goodbye Stranger by frozen_delight. If you're like me and you shy away from "slashy slash" (as frozen_delight so aptly put it) but you like beautiful thinky lyrical writing that just might happen to have some subtle sexytimes or unrequited feeeeels, you must read these.

And for those in Other Fandoms, May the fourth be with you. But since everything comes back to Supernatural...

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