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There are seven deadly sins, captain...

I've been tagged by frozen_delight and steeplechasers to play the seven lines from the seventh page of your WIP meme. Shockingly, I actually have two WIPs that have a page seven, so here's one of them.


Sometimes the Mark whispers, sometimes it screams. Sometimes it speaks in voices stolen from those Dean respected and feared; from his father, from Death, because when they told him Sam had to die, he said yes, he promised it would be done, and they have not forgotten. Sometimes it speaks in Alastair's voice, dark and slippery, promising an end if he'll just say yes, if he'll just stop fighting. Sometimes it's the voice of Cain, soft and powerful, reminding him that there's not a damn thing he can do to alter the course he's on. Sometimes it sounds like the agonized cries of every soul he tortured in Hell. Sometimes it's not even a sound, it's just a vibration, deep in his very core.

Today it's the sound of his own heartbeat, quietly insinuating itself into Dean's subconscious as he stares at the ceiling above his bed, pulsing kill them, kill them.


And so now I'm going to tag:
indiachick (who I see now has already been tagged by someone else, but she hadn't been when I started writing this, so I'm leaving her here)
themegalosaurus (who needs to finish that ohsam prompt I'm dying to read)
justmep2 (who I didn't wish a happy birthday because I suck :-/ )

If you've already been tagged and I missed it, or you don't have anything to post, or don't feel like playing, feel free to ignore, or unfriend me, or tell me how much I suck, or grab your torch and pitchfork, or whatever you need to do.

Tags: challenge, fanfic, just for fun, meme, my fic, supernatural, writing about writing

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Posts from This Journal “writing about writing” Tag