caranfindel (caranfindel) wrote,

SPN character sort

Stolen from kalliel and amberdreams and surprisingly accurate, except for Amelia Richardson, who should have been down with the Ghostfacers. Though I have to confess I don't remember who Rachel is. (So imagine how much I dislike the characters who ranked below her.) Try it here!

Rank Name
1 Sam Winchester
2 Dean Winchester
3 Castiel
4 Bobby Singer
5 Jody Mills
5 Kevin Tran
5 Lucifer
8 Cain
9 Crowley
9 Death (the horseman)
11 Meg
12 Zachariah
12 Victor Henricksen
14 Ruby
15 Gabriel
16 Abaddon
17 Gordon Walker
18 Balthazar
19 Chuck Shurley
20 Gadreel(/Ezekiel)
21 Alistair
22 The Impala
23 Rufus Turner
23 Charlie Bradbury
25 Ellen Harvelle
25 Linda Tran
27 Benny Lafitte
27 Garth Fitzgerald III
29 Azazel
30 Jo Harvelle
30 Frank Deveraux
30 The Styne Family
33 Michael
34 Tessa (the reaper)
35 Uriel
36 Rowena
37 Lisa Braeden
37 John Winchester
37 Anna Milton
37 Jessica Moore
37 Amelia Richardson
37 Dick Roman
37 Lilith
37 Adam Milligan
37 Cole Trenton (lol)
46 Raphael
47 Donna Hanscum
48 Mary Winchester
48 Jimmy Novak
48 Sarah Blake
48 Rachel
48 Bartholomew
48 The Alpha Vampire (from S6)
54 Ben Braeden
54 Hannah
54 Naomi
54 Bela Talbot
54 Gwen Campbell
54 Claire Novak
60 Metatron
60 Ed Zeddmore & Harry Spengler (Ghostfacers)
60 Becky Rosen
60 Samuel Campbell
60 Amelia Novak
60 Kate (the werewolf)
60 Samandriel
67 Christian Campbell
68 Krissy Chambers

Tags: just for fun, supernatural

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