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On further review: More thoughts about 11.08

Spoilers for 11.08 but nothing else.

Let's talk about Dean. Some people didn't agree with me that Dean was unnecessarily douchey to the zanna. I get why he was angry about Sully. He resented that Sully was there for Sam when he wasn't able to be there himself. And he's never been one to immediately take to supernatural beings, even when they saved his life, or Sam's. So I don't think it's over the top or out of character that he's annoyed with the zanna right from the beginning. The part that seemed "off" to me was when he was talking about Nicki, the dead mermaid zanna. First, he suggested to Sully that they could "find a giant toilet and flush it." This was cruel to Sully and beyond disrespectful to Nicki. Second, when her boyfriend Weems (who didn't yet know she was dead) expressed that he was lucky to alive, Dean said "Well, the mermaid wasn't so lucky." Again, it seemed needlessly cruel. And it makes me wonder... other posters have suggested that Dean is still not quite right, that he's not all the way over the MoC's influence, or his bond with the Darkness is having an impact. I'd love if that were true.

And now Sam. I said young Sam's dismissal of Sully seemed uncharacteristically cruel as well. But as meadowphoenix wisely pointed out, Sam didn't know Sully was a sentient being, with his own thoughts and emotions. He thought he was a figment of his imagination. So when he said "I don't even know why I made you up in the first place. I wish I could un-make you up," he wasn't talking to anyone else. He was talking to that little piece of his heart and mind that thought he could escape from hunting and have a normal life. He wished that part of himself didn't exist. And oh, god, that hurts.
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