caranfindel (caranfindel) wrote,

11.12 On further review: Headcanon restored!

Very very mildly spoilery for 11.12:

I said earlier that Sam and Dean's reaction to a roasted chicken indicates Dean doesn't actually cook anything other than stew and burgers in the bunker. But I'm revising this headcanon, and the funny thing is, this was in my head all along, since I ficced it over a year ago. Dean just doesn't cook whole chickens. He cooks everything else, but like me, he cannot deal with a whole uncooked chicken. Headcanon saved! \o/

Also, for those of you in the US, TNT is having a season 10 marathon today (counterprogramming against the Super Bowl, one can only assume). But they're skipping Soul Survivor. And they're also skipping that vampire sister episode, which is fine, but they're showing 10.01, 10.02, and then 10.05 (Fan Fiction), and why? Of all the episodes to skip from S10, how could you pick Soul Survivor?

I mean, really

how in the hell

could you

skip this one?

Now I'm going to have hammers on the brain again for a long, long time. God help us all.

Tags: 10.03 soul survivor, 11.12 don't you forget about me, meta, on further review, pretty, season 10, season 11, supernatural

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Posts from This Journal “meta” Tag