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Looking for a beta

I’m looking for one or more people to beta my spn_j2_bigbang fic (so it needs to be someone who isn’t signed up as an artist for that challenge). Gen, about 20k words. I’m looking less for spelling and grammar and more for logic, continuity, canon compliance, and BRUTAL HONESTY about whether the whole thing is boring or stupid. Any help would be most greatly appreciated. Comment or message me, whatever works best for you, thanks!
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Don’t stop believing

I will, at some point, have more to say about the announcement last week that s15 will be the last season of Supernatural. But today I want to talk about what The Husband said, which is that for the last season, each episode should be a homage to the series finale of a classic TV show. And I kinda love that idea. I mean, imagine all the surviving characters in a hug like the end of the Mary Tyler Moore show.

Or, you know, less awesome scenes:

The Husband: They could do one where they go water skiing and jump over a shark. I mean, that wasn't the end of Happy Days, but it was *the end* of Happy Days.

Me: They actually had an episode called "Jump the Shark" where they found out they had a younger half brother. They met him at a restaurant called Cousin Oliver's.*

The Husband: They really are good, aren't they?

And now I'm thinking about what ending they could borrow for the very last episode.

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