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In which I have feelings about Sam Winchester

Last week kalliel posted this review of 14.15, "Peace of Mind," that basically made me want to curl up in the corner and sob, especially when she talks about Sam breaking down (or just breaking) and telling Dean how much he hates the bunker right now, and how he needs a break, and Dean just saying "okay" and wandering off, and just go read it if you haven't, okay?

And then earlier this week finchandsparrow posted a review of 14.05, "Nightmare Logic," which may be delayed but is definitely worth the read. Particularly the bits about the performative nature of Mary's interactions with her sons, about how she seems to work so hard at looking like she has a real, actual relationship with them, and yet, there's nothing there.

So it was fitting, perhaps, that I caught 12.13, "Family Feud," as a TNT rerun yesterday, because it combines these two things: Sam needing something from his family that he's not getting, and Mary trying to look like she cares.

If you're reading this and thinking but Dean doesn't get what he needs either! then let me assure you I agree with you. But I'm talking about Sam right now.

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